Tolerating What is Intolerable

I have warned about the specter of black criminality destroying our cities governed or I should say misgoverned by Democrats. How many more murders will it take before people come to their senses. A dozen or more black Americans are murdered every week in Chicago, and fifty more are wounded. What kind of summer are we going to have? Is BLM going to have hundreds of rampaging riots. Are we going to continue to ignore the murders, hide the race of the perps, pretend the slayings are a result of institutional racism, white supremacy, or police brutality?.

We have a moron in the White House due to the success of the greatest political crime in American History. Trump was the greatest president for black Americans since LIncoln, and his accomplishments were plainly astounding consider the opposition by the Democrats, MSM, and the Deep State. I promise you things are going to get much worse. Americans will suffer as a result of the fraudulent election and fools who now run the country.

Read about murder in America as reported by the Gateway Pundit.

A folly is taking place in Minnesota. Its leftist Gov Tim Waltz issued a letter to all state employees praising superhero George Floyd and issued a Proclamation of Silence for all employees to remain silent for a period of 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Gov Waltz also included a big lie in his letter implying blacks in Minnesota have suffered “GENERATIONS of institutional racism.” Rubbish! Until Obama deposited tens of thousands of Somali immigrants in Minnesota, its black population numbered about one per cent of the state’s total. Gov. Waltz describes George Floyd as “a beloved father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, neighbor, friend, and Minnesotan.”

In reality George Floyd was a five-time loser, career criminal, societal parasite, drug addict, thief, who violently held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while his thuggish criminal accessories robbed the woman’s home. When confronted by Chauvin, George Floyd was foaming at the mouth, high on fentanyl, and in the process of being arrested for committing a crime. Had Chauvin succeeded in making the arrest, George Floyd, the hero of Minnesota, would likely now be serving his SIXTH term in the penitentiary.

How perverse can leftists make this country. Already there are streets, avenues, and squares named after George Floyd. Imagine taking down statues of real heroes like Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln and replacing them with images of George Floyd. This is not the same America where we grew up!