Title game

Hope they both lose tonight :raised_hands: :sunglasses: :partying_face:

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D. Smith: 12 catches, 215 yards 3 TDs in ONE HALF OF FOOTBALL!!!

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Yah, unfortunately that can’t happen so I hope Alabama drops 100 on *

This Bama team is so good… they may drop 100 on Miami next season. :cry:

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I know, INSANE game. Helps when the suckeyes try to drop a linebacker on him up the seam?!?!?! Lets just say I’m no D-coord, but it’s been ugly in what they are showing.

We’ll win! :sunglasses: :partying_face:

Honestly it’s kinda hard to watch this game. Can’t stand either team, but I love me some college ball!!! :clap: :raised_hands: :+1: :+1: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I completely understand. Like you said, I wish both teams could lose

Bama has a college all-star team and it is showing. Top two WRs out, top S out, no problem. They may score 60 tonight.

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It’s depressing :laughing: I can only laugh…They are DEEP at all positions.

They really are… They look bigger, strong, more physical. It’s like men against boys.
pretty scary.

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OSU looks like a bunch of front runners. They just have nothing to give on D. Sloppy.

But I got to say the offensive plays with Smith are wonderful. It also helps to have one of the better OLines in the country if not the best.

The only positive is that Bama will be replacing most of their starters going into the first game next season. Their 7 all Americans are all gone correct? Same with the OC and the Remington winner and Outland trophy winner and Heisman winner and their QB and their other first round WR.

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I wrote in the OSU/Clemson thread that I didn’t think Fields and OSU could play that well two games in a row.

Bama is better than Clemson but OSU went from “we can do no wrong” against Clemson to " we’re not so great" against Bama. Sort of like Miami/Duke versus Miami/UNC.

Bama will destroy Miami this fall. Not looking forward to it. In accord, with my new policy, I will not be watching the game live.

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