Tim Harris Jr. from UCF new UM RB coach

Ice Harris’s kid…Former UM track star. Former BTW hc. Former FIU and UCF RB coach

Seemed like the logical choice. Did a great job at UCF, very connected in Florida, recruits well, etc.

His brother Brandon played cornerback at Miami and was a second round draft pick in the NFL and played for several years. He coaches cornerbacks at FAU now. His younger brother, Treon played QB at UF.

Seems like the staff is being upgraded all around.

The WR coach is the only open slot now?

Ya I have a feeling we will see some defensive moves though, too.

I hate these local hires. They never work out and they always lead to angst later when you have to can the guy. No thank you.

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Never hurts to have one imo…The family is well thought of in Dade.

I hear you to a certain extent. Similar to continually hiring from the “UM family”

I can’t, for the life of me…Figure out what Kevin Smith did wrong though.

I think it’s a great hire. Good, solid family. No drama. Great coach and great recruiter, especially in and near Miami.

Leonard Hankerson is being interviewed for the WR position. Eh, not sure here. He’s with the Niners right now.

Any news on Ed Reed? Is he staying with us in some capacity?

Ed has been put in charge of producing psychotic, ranting videos. Said Coach Cristobal, “Ed has a real talent for this type of thing as he recently demonstrated at Bethune”

I’d be surprised if Hankerson leaves an NFL gig to take a lateral move to Miami and have to deal with babysitting and recruiting crazy teenage boys unless he has personal/family reasons to come back to South Florida. He’s from Lauderdale and went to STA. We’ll see.

No drama? When Ice got fired it started a war with Booker T and other loyalists from what I remember.

I usually agree but this kid has worked hard to get where he is. Miami got a good coach. He has worked his way up.

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A good if not excellent hire. This fellow has worked his way up the ladder, and his connection with the South Florida area may help in recruiting local talent. Understudying with Malzahn, who is noted for his ground game offense, is an excellent resume qualification.

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