Tim Harris Gone

UCF made him their new OC…I think this is a loss for us. Deep ties to South Florida…would he have made a good OC here instead of Dawson?

We just had him for one year, right?

He was UCF’s ASSISTANT head coach / CO- offensive coordinator. I guess he is the full deal now.

Has he ever called plays at the college level?

Huh? I’m not sure he’s ever called a play.

Obviously he does his job well, and who knows…I digress if he becomes the next Lincoln Riley.

But there’s tons of guys with Sofla connecs we can get in there as a RB coach. Hell even our last guy Hickson was pretty good. And Kevin Smith wasn’t terrible. Just grab one up. And none of that is meant as critical or disrespect for Harris, who I like.

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Good enough to become UCF OC, I guess? I just know the guy can coach and would have been nice to have kept him.

Would we lose any of our RB’s to UCF?

I know Mario wants ALL of his guys to be relentless recruiters so we will see who fills the RB Coach role.

No idea if it’s to UCF, but I’ve said since December I don’t expect both Parrish and Citizen to be on this team next year. We need room.

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In the NIL days you’d have to imagine that the only thing that truly matters is the purse strings right?

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I like Ice. I don’tthink we could have afforded to make him our OC just to keep him.

BTW Hired USF Mike Merrit, regarded as an up and comer…As his replacement. Originally from Ohio.