This is where we live

And it’s been normalized.


Now list the good things…

You people are so fucking dramatic.

I feel strongly that it’s the key differentiator between the conservative and liberal personality (there are exceptions).

The more liberal the more everything is an outrage that needs to be dealt with immediately! And if we don’t get it we’ll burn it down!! If you don’t agree we’ll kill you!!!

Whereas the conservative is usually much more apt to be patient and observe to see where something is going. And much more willing to discuss.

I agree with most of this. I don’t classify as a conservative…But this is perhaps the main reason I’ve moved away from liberals. I don’t hate liberalism at all, and subscribe to plenty of it…At least until it swings too far left. LIBERALS…are the problem

This is hilarious. Outrage sells and both sides use it. I agree it’s tiresome, but you can flip to the other thread about drag queens IN OUR SCHOOLS if you want a taste of conservative righteous outrage. Sorry, I mean GOD GUNS AND GLORY.

Imagine comparing the two??

Also, quick question…Out of curiosity more than anything. Not sure how old your kids were…Do you want them witnessing a drag queen show or whatever you want to call it in their classroom or anywhere?

Yeah all those people at the capital on 1/6 were very patient and willing to discuss.

Meanwhile, there’s very valid concerns of violence from the left of Roe is struck down.

Stop being a hypocrite. It goes both ways.

This has to rank right up there with the top 3 dumbest things that have EVER come out of your pie hole.

Lying is your MO. I expect nothing less.

I thought I was the only one.

One is a RIGHT the other should be a criminal offense.

99.9999% of them were. You can see it on video. Lol

You are incorrect. You know you are incorrect. But you can’t bring yourself to admit it because you believe it shows weakness.

Complete lack of integrity.


White trash


Model Catholic

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I can’t imagine why not. Was it not an example of conservative outrage?

In the school classroom? Nah, not only do I not see the point, but I don’t think a school is a venue for that. In a random library program or something? Whatever, I guess, depending the point of the whole thing.

Keep in mind, me pointing out outrage isn’t taking a pro or con position on those particular politics, I’m just saying both sides have plenty of outrage to go around.

I can smell his moral outrage from here.

Then you share the outrage…These are people worried about what we are teaching their children like you? The numbers that warden posted imply that people aren’t going to shoot each other and everyone will pinky swear to hand in their guns at the same time.

This isn’t apple to apples.

This perspective feeds into GSClowns lie and it’s simply wrong on all accounts.

You think 20+ years of school shootings (I’m using Columbine as the starting point here) is unjustified liberal fake outrage? I know you don’t think this, but this is what GSC believes.

Then you equate it somehow to bigotry towards having a drag read a story to a kid in kindergarten?

Apples and oranges on the surface. Underneath you have those whom are socially conscience and those whom don’t give a fuck about anybody but themselves. But that is where the similarity in the oranges and apples ends.

And if we open it up to gun control, or mass shootings, generally ( meaning expand it beyond schools), the argument fails even more.

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Sure, GSC, sure.

Not at all.

Disagreement does not equal outrage.

This is my entire point.

You can brandish moral outrage, use it as a weapon, talk about those racist republicans or vile democrats, but it all just plays into the media’s hands. They use outrage to activate you.

This is GSC’s statement. He then goes on to say liberals are the party of outrage and conservatives are known for understanding and patience.

My assertion is that both side use outrage quite a bit to activate their base, and I gave an example of conservative outrage to counter GSC’s weak statement.

I don’t think you are using the word equate properly, as I never stated one position was equal with another. In fact I went out of my way to say I wasn’t giving a pro or con opinion on any of the positions.

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Not me they don’t…

I wasn’t outraged until they doubled and tripled down on ridiculous covid mitigation and decided there was a couple different sets of rules.

No left wing, violence huh?

MSM told me so