This is a journalist

Beautiful to watch.

Good for Matt Lee of the AP.

It’s becoming clear that this admin is trying to “gin up” a war. The media should hold them accountable.

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Warning the Russians off disinformation is not “ginning up war.” If anything, it’s the opposite. It means any attempt by Russia to proceed with this strategy will have a greater change of failing, which means it is less likely for Russia to pursue it, which means a greater change of avoiding conflict.

The point the reporter is making is that the assertions have no foundational evidence. They are simply statements that are being used as evidence.

If the Spox has info that proves the allegation, why not share it? Even if it is in a limited or redacted?

Why provoke Russia in such an irresponsible way? American lives are in the balance. It’s wreckless.

That is true. The government is not releasing the source of their intel. This happens a lot.

When Trump doesn’t want to release something, you rail about it being his constitutional right, or that he has an obligation to withhold information because he CAN, or that the Mueller file was redacted for national security, yada yada yada. This is the same deal.

i hope you know the answer already, but it’s because revealing a source of intel would effectively remove that source of intel.

It’s not provocation, it’s tough talk. You want a tough president, right? One who doesn’t kowtow from international poltiics?

The release of this statement does not provoke any action. That is my point. If anything, it has a chance to de-escalate planned action.