This dude knows how to party

I personally believe that if priests and nuns were allowed to marry, these would occur less frequently. The Bible teaches that it is better to marry than to burn with lust.

Seems reasonable. Still though, this cat was rocking it. 2 dominatrix chicks on the alter…sounds like a hell of a Saturday night

Dude! Repressed sexual desires. He probably unleashed the beast! But on the alter though…

I dated a dominatrix once for a little while. Super crazy hot, but I’m not into the dominatrix thing.

Nor I. To each its own…

Google news from 1 week filter. Ready?:

That’s page 1 buddy. Should I continue?

You want to keep having this conversation?you are a biased fool.

We can if you’d like.
Here’s the thing…I don’t adhere to a religion that alleges that it disseminates and is the keeper of God’s word from the Adenlante Dual Language Academy or the Summit Middle School. You, however, do…with the Catholic Church. Again, we literally have 2000 years of history showing they are the most corrupt organization in the history of recorded mankind.

But, you can keep telling me what they do is not so bad. I mean, centuries of abuse and the church protected and hid them. Seems bad to me.

The same guy who comes on here and beats his chest and screams “integrity!!!” everyday is the same guy who literally misquotes me everytime he gets the opportunity. You are either very lazy or lack the same integrity you demand in others.

I’m any event, I never said “what the Catholic Church (or any religious org) does is not so bad.”

What I did say is that the media over-analyzes and over-publishes stories about the Catholic Church and sexual abuse. They don’t do it with Sunni or Shi’a Islam. They don’t do it with Hassidic, Sephardic, or Orthodox Jewish religious centers. They don’t do it with the Amish, Jehova’s Witnesses, or even the Church of Satan…

But they sure as hell LOVE THEMSELVES a good ole Catholic rape story.

And they’ve done a good job of selling you on it.

And here’s my ultimate point.

Men are flawed. Men therefor taint the institutions they join.

An institution, particularly a religious one, should not be judged solely by the men who lead it but by its mission and service to its community as well.

I don’t want to throw away public schools because it’s filled with pedophiles because I am pretty sure that there are definitely good men and women who lead it and its mission is one of providing free or subsidized education to those who otherwise could not afford it.

This throw the baby out with the bath water philosophy you have is stupid.

At the end of the day the deposit of faith that the Catholic Church teaches is pure and serves humanity. And there is no other organization who has helped more oppressed and poor people than the Catholic Church over its 2,000 year history.

Do the Jews, Amish or Jehovah’s Witnesses even have any instances of it? Does the Church of Satan? Seems like you’re just throwing out shit, here. One thing we do know…the Catholic Church does, and they hide it and they protect them.

Well, there’s so many

Seems to me like the priests, and not the media, are at fault. Again, you blame the media for reporting it. Blame the priests for doing it and the church, your church, for hiding it…for hundreds of years and in tens of thousands of instances.

It’s service included child rape, the inquisition, wars, torture and a myriad of other atrocities throughout 2000 years.

People don’t also derive their religion from the public schools, either

Um…you might need to read a history book…