‘They’re getting killed among women’: Skeptical female voters stand in way of GOP Senate

Agree 1000%

So stupid.

Actions are more powerful than hiding behind their wives. Women are not that stupid.

This is a in-your-face front and center issue.

Remember when it was leaked and I talked about how it was someone forcing their hand early? I still think it to be one of their own, but they expected another case to be decided beforehand (I think, at least) - Harper V Moore.
Harper was supposed to go first, then it wouldn’t matter about Roe. BUT, someone forced their hand.
Bad strategy but they expected to have control of the vote via state legislatures beforehand and this making your vote and my vote meaningless.

They’re scrambling of course

OMG that headline

Minnesota GOP candidate who once said he’d ‘try to ban abortion’ now declares it a ‘constitutional right’ while holding a baby as he trails in the polls