They never learn

This helps Trump enormously

Just the statement alone. Millions will now wonder why he’s being censored yet again and he will earn their sympathy.

The only way not to help Trump is to completely ignore Trump. He’s a fire. They only way to extinguish him is to deprive him of oxygen. Announcing you won’t interview him publicly is a canister of O2. Lol.

Censored? How, pray tell, is Joe Rogan not having him on his show being censored? You’re always a victim, never honest for a second.

That’s exactly how. Lol

You’re acting like he has a right to be on the show. How curious, the entitlement you display is astounding. It lends to the idea of authoritarianism you so thoroughly support. Nobody is suppressing Trump’s speech. He’s free to make any statement all day long, any day he wants. Your position is Trump has the right to literally any platform he wants and if he doesn’t get it, it’s censorship. What a good little fascist puppet you are

Precisely. Like a million other outlets wouldn’t have him on.

Hey GSC - I’m sure the January 6 Committee would love to hear from him. Doubt they’d sensor him at all. :laughing:

Joe interviewed Sanders, Gabbard, Crenshaw, etc…. I’m sure he’ll continue to I interview politicians. For him to single out Trump is absolutely censoring him. You can agree, you can disagree. Don’t really care.

In any event, you created a straw man. My point wasn’t really about censorship. It was about Rogan’s choice having the opposite affect than his intent.

Sort of like the Jan 6 committee.

This is what happens when you attack a credible man the people love, respect and trust. It always works against you.

Again, you’re acting like Trump has a right to be on Rogan’s podcast. Was Biden? Was Obama?
You’re a dishonest person at your core.

Again, you have no integrity, no honesty, wholly immoral as a person

Apparently I’m being censored too because Joe Rogan doesn’t have me on.

Sorry but I gotta call out the dumb metaphor. There are lots of ways to put out fires, and depriving fire of oxygen has no relation to ignoring Trump. Just a jumbled mess here…

This will only help Trump with the people who are already big fans. It will continue to feed into their victim complex.

However, fans who respect Joe might think twice about Trump. And people on the fence might as well. But generally, most already know how they feel about him. They came out in force just to vote for the other guy.

Anyway, as far as I know, Rogan would like DeSantis in 2024. This could be the beginning of feelers to see if MAGA peeps will leave Trump and to the new guy.

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