They may end up uniting us

What other issue can a BLM and a Trumper agree on? Pretty crazy fault line if you ask me.

This doesn’t shock me at all. African Americans have long had suspicions on vaccines - for obvious reasons….

Tuskegee experiment

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Not killing black people?

(I kid, I kid.)

Love hearing Nicki Minaj speak her mind as well…

Then when they pressed her, her golden response something along the lines of…“If a democrat tells black people to stick marbles up my ass I’m supposed to do it no questions asked”? Something like that can make people think a little. Love it.

Too soon! :rofl:

I like her fat ass…but, she couldn’t graduate high school, got fired from at least 15 jobs even Red Lobster, before her rap career took hold. You can hold her up as a beacon of intelligence, but I’ll just watch her ass bounce.

Sounds awful judgmental for a progressive

Once we get all those nasty asians out of elite universities maybe we’ll have more room for Nikkis

But ya nice to see she’s asking questions w regards to this disgusting media and the even more disgusting attempts at vaccine mandates