They had the same Spiritual Advisor 😂

Tells you all you need to know about how they were always on the same side.

Storm - another arrest linked to deep staters

9 cardinals died this week of “coronavirus”

9 governments resigned or are close to

Fortress around DC

4 major blackouts in key cities/areas

Biden inaugural rehearsal canceled

Missiles being fired at American ships

And BLM and Antifa activated

Sounds normal. All is normal.


Definitely not a good look.

I wonder if he and Bannon will be cell mates.

Did you ever get a list of these?

I also love this wording. Was there ever a time this year or last that antifa and BLM were NOT “activated” ?

Italian government in crisis (close to resigning)
Estonia - resigned
Kuwait - resigned
Merkel - resigned
Netherlands - resigned
Pope - resigning (announced)
San Fran City Administrator - resigned (Pelosi’s city)
Russia - resigned

Is that 8? Sorry - I was one off.

All normal.

You truly believe they are grassroots and don’t report directly to democrat leaders?

I am sure both parties have their own shadow media wings. If you believe segments of antifa report to Dem leaders, you have to believe segments of Q report to Pub leaders. But I make no blanket defense of antifa because there are bound to be very diverse groups associated with the movement.

Why? Where’s the evidence of that?

Where’s the evidence of all the bullshit you post?

Sure -

In 2008 Obama said he wanted to create a “Civilian National Security Force” that would be more powerful than our military.

In 2013, we first see BLM.

In 2015, we first see Antifa in America (they have ties to pre world war II Russia Germany, and Italy)

Antifa and BLM are allowed to riot and loot with impunity and no charges or indictments.

They seem to only activate when democrat establishment is desperate to mobilize their base (implies coordination)

They seem to deactivate when they achieve the political objective. (again, coordination)

They have been caught (both groups) on audio and video with Federal employees making plans to cause chaos.

They are protected by the main stream media who we all know is an appendage of the Establisment

So, can I see your evidence now?

Proof. Link.

That’s why I showed you the rabbit hole. Like I said, if you believe one there’s no reason not to believe the other.

The hilarious thing about that list is there’s no actual evidence. And hey, I’ll state the same about some of Q’s Russian and Pub connections. It’s all circumstantial.

It’s like he just posted his opinion and tries to pass it off as proof.

A lot like Trump. “People are saying…”

Typical for TrumpU.

GSC, not here to be a naysayer but where are you seeing these resignations?

And you can’t be serious on the Pope?

I definitely see some weird stuff happening but I just can’t get on board with what you and Storm are saying.

I appreciate the objectivity.

And for the record. I have always maintained that Trump will leave office. I am saying he is revealing all the dead bodies before he goes.

WTF does any of these questionable news sources have to do with Trump and his pathetic sobbing over losing the election handily?

Oh - and ask yourselves why the democrats would want to impeach Trump so badly with what- 4 days left? Without the votes to do it.

Sheer desperation. They are afraid of something.

The “president” incited a riot on the day Pence was finalizing the election results. This was a literal coup attempt.

Now I agree with almost no time left, impeaching Trump (again) doesn’t do anything to lower the temperature. But I understand it.

And to think you’re still defending this dumpster fire. You don’t have to like Biden. Hell I’m not a huge fan. But compared to what Trump has done to this country?

It’s time for him to go.

Have you answered this though? Their efforts could not possibly come in time to affect any drop Trump makes, so what’s your theory?