The University of Miami vs Red Hawks game thread

First game of the season.

Watching Coach Richt on the ACC channel. Parkinon’s effect is quite noticeable. Still sharp but has a slight articulation problem. Wishing him the best.

Wow, that looked easy. Offensive line looking great.

Don’t know if it’ll last but it’s what you want to see. The power at the LOS, the speed - it was all there. Let’s keep it up!

Did anybody else noticed that the velocity on Tyler van Dykes throws seems off? The hand thing might be for real.

And……just like that he throws another floater and picked.

I don’t know if it’s his hand, or if he’s being coached it, but the floaters are a little disturbing.

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Agreed Cat. He is throwing it soft. They are also going super vanilla with all of the short throws.

I think part of that is that they just want to keep it simple with Miami Oh

I’m unable to watch here in VA. I know I"m in ACC country here but I don’t subscribe to ACCN. How are we looking on D? Seems like the O are having some issues with QB. Line look good? Backs?

Defense looks good, giving Redhawks very little time to throw the ball. Miami tackling has been very good. Lots of hard blows delivered by secondary.

On offense, the big story is a much improved rushing game. Fletcher is a beast, and Ajay Allen is an excellent addition. We’ve got four good RBs.

7 at CB looks good
DL is dominating the Miami OL
LB speed is much better
Bain will be a difference maker year one
Moten has looked good at DT two deep.
We haven’t seen the other freshmen on D.

On O: they are playing McCoy at TE in two TE sets with good success.

Mark Fletcher is the real deal and likely is starter by week 2-3. We haven’t thrown longer than 15 yards. Harrell didn’t play first half. Young didn’t play 2nd quarter. Lots of X, George has look ok, young when playing looks like WR1, BSmith nothing, Ray Ray nothing yet…

Four false starts, one holding on OL.

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i know its just miami OH, but i’m impressed with the closing speed i’m seeing on D. in the past we have let teams like this gash us with players looking completely lost out there.


Thanks for the updates…let’s hope VD can play better against A&M.

3rd they had a few more down field but only two true deep passes all game both to Horton went for nothing.

We also have ourselves a future QB in Emory Williams. Don’t care how great Brown is as a runner, Emory is the QB after TVD leaves unless we bring in a transfer for some reason.


Bobby Washington is going to be a good one.

Overall I’m pretty pleased. In about 20 months, Mario has turned over a good majority of the roster. I’ll take 38-3 in rain. Miami OH is better - way better than BCU who we started with last season. There was a lightning delay tonight and it’s rained throughout. We want to clean up the holds on the OL but I’ll take the start for game one. TAMU next! I hope we make some serious noise in that one - let’s get 'em back for last year!

**** Worth Noting **** I’ll take this start compared to our 1st game and what happened 40 years ago this Monday. Kosar and company getting killed in Gainesville - I seem to remember Wilber Marshall living in Bernie’s uniform that night on our way to a 28-3 defeat. Granted, our only loss of the season on the way to the team’s 1st title ever but the start of that campaign was a nightmare.

The downfield passing bothers me, thought it be there more consistantly. Otherwise pretty damn solid first game outing against an ok team.

Shannon Dawson called an excellent game. Only five Miami passes went incomplete. TVD’s interception was actually an accurate pass but was thrown slightly short and lacked velocity. There was no need to throw deep in this game; Miami was in control the entire game.

Miami of Ohio was reputed to be tough against the run, but Miami had a good showing in the rushing department. Let’s hope this aspect of the game carries over to the A&M game which I regard as our most important game in the early season. Mark Fletcher was faster than I thought him to be. I agree that Fletcher is the real deal and future star RB.

On defense, I really liked the play of Bobby Washington. He exhibited incredible quickness. He’s definitely going to see playing time as a freshman.

Hats off to head coach Cristobal in almost completely re-inventing this team and hiring two much better coordinators.


Maybe i missed it but i did not see many TE line ups with tvd out there. I did notice some when the 2nd team was out there.

You missed it because they had 84 on the field a ton. They used McCoy and Samson as TEs as well. Lots of two TE sets with McCoy (81) and 84. Almost every long run was with McCoy as TE.

Ok thanks. I must have missed it. Did they not throw to them much then. Unless i missed that too. Hell maybe i didn’t watch the game.

No throws to the starting TEs. Skinner didn’t seem to play, too.

Riley Williams caught a pass from Emory as the only TE target. He looks like the next TE up.