The truth is painful


More cutesy memes…Never comments on the facts presented ^

You’re right, those were some sweet facts, skeeter!

That Trump did better than Biden with the southern border and was crucified while Biden’s failures are mostly ignored. All facts

Both of their failures get/got bad press. Trump got a lot for separating minors from guardians. But I agree the border issue, and immigration in general in this country, have been huge failures for basically forever.

No not even a comparison when comparing the media coverage

Stop saying shit that just isn’t true to appear rational. You are embarrassing yourself

Skeeter much has been made about Biden’s failure (thus far) on the border issue.

No point in crying foul because you believe the media isn’t covering it in the way they covered Trump.

Yes there is, because that’s not true…It’s not comparable. Not close. Move along

It’s not hard to find if you care to look. But you won’t, so I’m sure you’ll continue whining.

Only thing Biden is getting criticized on is his delay in raising cap.

I’m not saying it’s being ignored (as many things are)…I’m saying it’s not comparable to Trump…He’s not being compared to the anti-christ for instance.

I do agree that comparison was silly, and you’ve got that on both sides (people accusing Obama of being a Muslim terrorist). Too much hyperbole.

Although on the other side there are a lot of people who are worshiping Trump like they do Jesus Christ.

Under Biden, at the present rate, two million illegals will enter the country, and these are the ones caught by the border officials. Probably another million will have entered undetected as our public servants have been turned into nurse maids for illegals. It a crime to enter this country illegally Ergo, they are criminals, stepping ahead of others in line. The cartels are ones running things, not the Biden administration. We could have another 9/11 on the horizon as things are in absolute chaos on the border, and Biden says there is no crisis. These people crush our welfare system, cost the taxpayers dearly, use funds that could be expended on citizens not chiselers. Most of them are economic refugees. We’d be better off throwing money of helicopters into the worst hoods in the country. Listen to Levin. Biden is the stupidest person ever elected to the senate much more the presidency, and he wasn’t elected. The election was stolen away from Trump. Stormfront is absolutely correct on this matter. It was the worst political fraud in American History. Look at this chart from the Gateway Pundit. No way Biden won. IT WAS FRAUD!


Yeah and this means that Trump did such a shitty job, he was the better alternative.

And no, the election wasn’t stolen. Bikki that picture you posted is irrelevant, and you know it.

You can compare anything you want. I didn’t say they got equal press. In fact I pointed out Trump getting it worse because of a specific unpopular policy. You are embarrassing yourself.

It is not irrelevant…That is one HUGE perfect storm if Biden did indeed win fairly

Let me ask you this 51…Do you know how I take my coffee?

It is irrelevant. Both ran on entirely different platforms. Hence the packed COVID spreading crowds for Trump and the minimal, distant ones for Biden.

Many states did not start to count mail in ballots received until Election Day started, hence the delay.

What’s so hard to understand about this?

As for perfect storm - a perfect storm would be multiple states - all conspiring simultaneously with their separate election systems - to flip the vote to Biden.

Y’all need to let this go already. It’s embarrassing.


No evidence for this. None. Complete horse shit.

You’re telling me that 10,000 massless Trump supporters all crammed together - in addition to thousands of protesters in the streets DIDNT spread any COVID?

You know Hermain Cain died not long after the Tulsa rally. While it’s not clear he got it there, that’s a good a place as any.

Forget that you don’t think COVID is serious. Do you believe that it is easily spread through close contact and droplets through the air?

You should, because that’s indisputable.

If you’re going to call thousands of George Floyd protesters potential spreaders of the virus, you’ll need to include Trump supporters who continuously crammed themselves in like sardines during his campaign.