The Truth About Pervs

Being a “seasoned” commentator, I have long held that it has become chic fashion for some liberals to declare themselves “special humans” and become vanguardists in the transgender movement when it fact, they are just pervs crossdressing and telling sordid lies about their identities. Steve Sailor arrives at this same conclusion in his latest rather humorous piece published in Taki’s magazine. Most American know implicitly that this transgender foolishness is a concocted form of debauchery undeserving of much legislative efforts to force such nonsense down the throats of normal behaving humans.

I think the humor of cross dressing may in part have origin in France. During the Sixties I became friends with a guy who became VP of Club Mediterranee. As such, I was accorded very inexpensive vacation stays at their various locations. They were truly fabulous installations, and I visited them in Martinique, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Agadir and Ouarizizat in Morocco, in Mallorca, Marbella, Corsica,Arnac Pompadour, Opio, and in Vittel. I raise this point because all of the Club Meds have entertainment which is usually the purview of gay employees. The leading form of entertainment was always male to female cross dressing AKA drag shows. They were very cleverly done and very funny although I had a hard time understanding some of the spoofs since they were all performed in French. Some of the singers had training in opera and much of the music came from opera. To the French in the Sixties this was fun and ribald entertainment.

I’ve seen a few drag show in the United States as another friend of mine struck it rich opening gay bars in New Orleans, Pensacola, and Miami Beach. His drag shows were not nearly as sophisticated, artistic, or clever as those I’d seen in France. In fact, I thought they were crass, offensive, and I thought unpleasant. Showing such spectacles in schools would be an abomination.