The Real Insurrection

nsurrection? The Deep State Russian collusion charges against Donald Trump were every bit an attempt to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States… This was a true affront to American Democracy. THIS WAS THE REAL INSURRECTION Russian collusion was nothing but lies manufactured by leftist conspirators that then were promulgated by the the biased leftist MSM. Two Pulitzers were won by so-called journalist for their “reporting” what turned out to be nothing more than a malicious libel of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. AND, there are no apologies whatsoever from the leftist perpetrators and their oh so willing accomplices, nor have the undeserved Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism been retracted.

When the Russians walk a confederate flag through the capital rotunda after breaking in, let me know.


Is there anyone in the world besides 51 who felt this “soft coup” and “seize” was really going to work?
It lasted a couple hours and it was curtains. Get a grip.

It doesn’t matter that the chances were low. The fact he tried it is a major problem. And I’m not even talking about the violence. I’m talking about him trying to get pence to overturn


Lets see, legitimate (legal) investigations (administrative and legislative) vs a subversive attempted Coup to install an American dictator.

Yeah, nothing to see here folks.