The Pattern of GOP Voter Fraud

" The Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank, maintains a public database of ballot-fraud cases. A review of the database reveals an astonishing fact: In every listed indictment and conviction for voter fraud or other malfeasance in connection with the 2020 presidential general election, when the culprit’s political affiliation is known he or she turns out to be a Republican or “unabashed conservative.”"

What? Fake news! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Oooooh! The counter offensive?

Look - 51 is a ready sold. He’s not asking Warden for evidence lmao!

This is beautiful.

And GSC is already ignoring it.

Beautiful indeed!

51 jumped right in there after his “no election fraud” crusade for a year

Pure comedy.

What’s ironic is here, you have a Republican who was aghast that somebody voted in his dead wife’s name, he claimed voter fraud, and it turned out HE was the one who committed the fraud. So this particular story of a dead person voting, which conservatives have likely cited as evidence of Biden cheating, ended up to be friendly fire.

Case in point, here’s the Nevada GOP crying about the fraud:

And you get tweeted replies like this:

Just one of MANY cases where dead ppl ‘voted’ Binden !

This is exactly what GSC has done every day for the last year. “Oh, check out these probably fake votes, they must have gone for Biden. PROOF that the Dems cheated!”

And these aren’t just random tweets. Tucker Carlson highlighted this case as proof of Dem fraud:

By the way, another funny disclaimer since added to that page:

Statement from Tucker Carlson: "As we reported last week, dead Americans voted in this election. We shared a few examples. But on Friday, we began to learn some of the specific dead voters reported to us as deceased are in fact alive. We initially corrected this on Friday. We regret not catching it earlier.

There are more isolated examples in the article. I’m sorry but this part is hilarious:

Republican Ralph Holloway Thurman also made it a family affair. Thurman, a Pennsylvania voter, asked poll worker Eric Frank while voting whether he (Thurman) could [vote for his son] as well as himself. Hours after Frank answered “no,” he recognized Thurman back in line wearing sunglasses. Frank alerted authorities, resulting in Thurman’s successful prosecution for attempting to vote twice.

The case gained notoriety last month when Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) honored his pledge to pay $25,000 to anyone reporting voter fraud. The pledge was intended to find proof of anti-Trump shenanigans, but last month Patrick sent a check to Frank, a Democrat who found proof of Republican voter fraud.

I’m not ignoring it. Every person that commits voter fraud or election fraud should be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law. And all legal ballots should be counted properly.

I agree. I’m just referring to your habit to drive-by post, criticizing others for not commenting or not having anything in-depth to say while you do the same thing.

What’s hilarious is you automatically assume shit ALL THE TIME. Zero proof. Zero evidence, but if it fits your narrative, it DEFINITELY did (or didn’t) happen.

Besides, what evidence is GSC even asking for here? These are court convictions we’re talking about. What more evidence does he want?