The Greatest Show on Turf Begins


That’s the best way to describe today’s kickoff of the world cup. Unfortunately, the location and timing is an absolute tragedy. Qatar:

*Hates and demonizes the gheys
*hates, and demonizes immigrants
*Authoritarian managed country
*Mixes religion and politics
*Despises so called liberal media

Any of this sound familiar?

Good read on one of the games best ever (forca Barca) which has been a tough pill for us to swallow the past 5 or so years

It’s tragic this event is being held there. Even Sepp - who I’m sure took an enormous bribe to allow the World Cup to be there - said it is a mistake.

Literally thousands of people who helped build facilities there - many of which came from other countries and weren’t allowed to leave on arrival, died doing this work. Most of the time their families were told that they had a heart attack

I almost feel guilty in watching

Who the fuck cares?

“I was at lunch today…And I didn’t even know World Cup started…And I looked up at the screen and it was on”

Another fucking twat.

And remember the rule guys

Soccer fans can never just let you respect it or midly say “cool, enjoy the cup”…“or ya I like soccer I’m gonna watch some cup”

ATHLETES (Yes Jordan, Lebron, Sean Taylor RIP_


Just remember that…That’s the only way convos can go with soccer fans. There is no casual respecting soccer or just kinda liking it.

So obnoxious

They are the kind of people to go on another sports team’s message boards and tell the fans they shouldn’t watch the game…Oh…oops. Ya, you get my point

Obnoxious fucking people.

If you don’t care about soccer (or peoples lives in general - which isn’t shocking), then fuck off.

Plenty of people care. Hence why it’s so well documented.

But you’d be entirely fine with spitting on the children of these dead workers, so, thats where you are in your pathetic existence.

Toilet wine

Pls don’t derail this thread by responding to the QKaren. You have like 5 threads open that you can do so. Thanks.

Absolutely. Not worth it.

Ecuador fans chanting we want beer is hilarious. :rofl:

Caring about people’s lives? Sending money and weapons to Ukraine is sending tens of thousands to their deaths in a war they haven’t a hope to win.

I find soccer less interesting than watching clothing flipping around through the window of my clothes dryer. I find nothing interesting about pretending you don’t have hands.

You’re missing the point fuck boy…I’m fine with soccer. Hell every now and then I’ll even watch a few of the later Cup matches, and I certainly respect it and know a lot of people are passionate about it. Have nothing against it all all…Merely describing their obnoxious zealot fans
like djrion…

Wow, you’re trolling again. Shocking.

Fuck off

Yup…He’s an extremist, a soy boy, and a lot of what’s wrong with the country right now. I will troll a commie cunt like djrion every chance I get

Look at bratty cunt including that “fuck off” at the end of every post…So funny

Soy boys pretend to act like men by calling others cunts and threatening to harm their children every chance they get.

Fucking softie hiding behind a keyboard.

Soy boys pretend to act like men by calling others cunts and threatening to harm their children every chance they get.

Fucking softie hiding behind a keyboard.

Look at him getting tough now that the moderator route failed…I’m laughing hysterically

Watch him turn into another 5 day argument. Fuckin brat

Oh and spitting isn’t “harm”…Just wipe it off, they’ll be fine…(I mean other than the long-term scars of having a cunt father…That may take some therapy). Quit milking it cunt

You mean, supporting people fighting for their own sovereignty and freedom, scumbag traitor

Not getting tough. Never had to. You’re the big ape threatening people on this board.

Got anymore valuable info for anyone here that people can get in 1,000 other places? You know, so you can pretend to feel important?

Russia: the greatest land army in Europe. LOL.

Hey take it up with the people that enjoy it…

I even made you a list and bumped a couple posts for you to see who those people were, little fella!

I can quit today and it doesn’t bother me at all. Dallas and Shadow before him have given us a nice, message board at NO CHARGE…I offered each help in any way when Shadow was trying to keep the board going (he was obv too busy) and then when Dallas got started. I have welcomed nole80’s intel, shadow and anyone else’s comments. And I follow UM recruiting and like to have a quick reference list without reading a bunch of BS. I was then asked to continue the work from the other board and have been commended by 10-15 guys who appreciate it. Maybe one day I’ll get bored or too busy for it. But for now, it’s definitely positive value on this site and posters have said so. You can go into brat mode and hurl a bunch of desparate insults and exchange 50 bratty posts to downplay it…Who cares? It’s not that important to me…I just do my part on the board and it’s something I enjoy.

Stop being a bratty…fucking…cunt. For once in your life. Go play with your kids. You’re not gonna save them from the damage you are doing by being a scumbag, walking cunt father…But at least they will enjoy play time

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Must suck knowing your mom never wanted you. Easy to see why.