The Fusion Race

Our present economic dilemma as I perceive it is predicated by two things: the moronic Biden policies constraining energy production and fighting a proxy war this country cannot win which is resulting in the destruction of Ukraine.

The solution to the world energy problem may well be solved by nations competing and rushing to perfect fusion energy, the energy that fuels the sun. Estimated projections for harnessing this power from what I’ve read could be as early as the year 2030. It will be one of greatest technological achievements in history rivaling the development of electrical power. Were I younger, I’d do as some of our foremost venture capitalist and start putting money into companies in the vanguard of this technology.

100% of the time, you’re dishonest. It’s a lock

There was nothing whatsoever wrong with article I posted. Indeed there is a race to achieve control of fusion reactions and harness the same power that drives the sun and will be an inexhaustible source of energy.

As a source, Gatestone has featured some erroneous articles, but all in all I think they’re more reliable than either the New York Times or Washington Post. Being critical of Islam should be a natural response to a religion that is morally bereft and responsible for more recent carnage than any other. Who can forget when the sun source of Islamic scholarship in Cairo came out about a decade ago grudgingly admitting that women though not equal in the eyes of Allah to men are at least to be recognized as mammals. Palestinians glorify terrorism and even give pensions to families of slain terrorists. Some Palestinian miscreants sell to their children that they can become human bombs to kill Jews. Read the Hamas Charter to ascertain their bloodthirstiness. A spate of hate crimes has been visited on Jewish students on our own university campuses by students who consider themselves leftists. Europe is finally albeit too late recognizing the egregious error of allowing Muslims to invade their nations. It won’t be long before there is no such nation as Sweden or for that matter Belgium. The French are so upset about Muslims refusing to integrate into society that there is talk of dividing France into Muslim and NonMuslim France.

Even a cursory study of Islam reveals that it is a supremacist religion intent on world domination. Islam is intrinsically radical, and the most pious of those within the Muslim faith, those following most closely its doctrines, would be ISIS members, Taliban adherents, or those of the vicious Islamic tribes that sow death and discord on a daily basis on the African continent.

Really? Did Hitler follow Islam? Did Stalin follow Islam? Pol Pot must have followed Islam, right? Did Napoleon follow Islam? We can go way back…did Sargon of Akkad follow Islam? Way before Islam existed, huh? Was Alexander the Great a follower of Islam? Julius Caesar? Cyrus the Great? Tamerlane? Genghis Khan?
Well…I don’t see a single person who’s tried to conquer the world who’s Islamic. Surely, you have a secret trove of apocryphal history you’d like to share with the rest of the class, maybe?

In fact, everything you’ve written here could be more associated with Christianity than Islam.

You have very few motivating factors, Bikks, all of which are quite transparent. Stained soul.

Your entire response Warden is replete with examples of the past. Islam is the preeminent threat to the world today. Multiculturalism is a wonderful idea in theory, and it can be successful through a homogenizing process as has been in the case in America. Having a single language is a desirable goal since language is attendant to culture. The goal of a successful nation is to unify in spite of diversity. Having a constitution and laboring to preserve its principles is also a bedrock of a stable, and happy nation. Religion should always be subordinate to governance. Individual liberty is inimical to Islam which charges its adherents to strive for world domination and imposition of Sharia Law.

Not a day passes on this planet when a person is not butchered in the name of Allah. Particularly distressing is the case of Nigeria whose Muslim President received generous financial support from the Obama regime. Millions of Nigerian Christians, who number over 50 million have been forced from their homes, tens of thousands living in refugee camps. To date, the Muslim uprising is responsible for over 50,000 deaths. The worst offenders are the Fulani tribesman–the country’s president is Fulani–who murder Christian with impunity, some by burning them trapped inside their churches. Small wonder, the names of Obama, Kerry, and Clinton live in infamy among the nation’s persecuted Christians. According to liberals the Jihad is not based on radical Islam but is explained by wealth inequity and would you believe climate change. Biden even removed Nigeria from the State Department list of nations which engage in, or tolerate violations of, religious freedom. The Nigerian Army comprised mainly of Muslims is presently protecting with impunity Muslim terror groups that are murdering Christians and seizing their lands.

I put the blame for the Ukrainian travesty on NATO for not living up to the accords of the Minsk Treaty. Under Trump, I submit there would be no such conflict. The continuation of hostilities rests in the idiot Biden’s hands and the neocons in the State Department. I also believe it was we who destroyed the Nordstream pipeline in order to keep German committed to supporting Ukraine. Presently, we find ourselves fighting a proxy war down to the last Ukrainian while the nation is being eradicated in a conflict it cannot hope to win. Meanwhile, the price of energy foments incredible inflation and the banking system of planet is being altered by foreign alliances that will see the dollar’s erosion in value as new alliances of nations fail to recognize it as the international reserve currency.

My argument against Islam is not a historical macroargument about it being the worst movement in history, which it very well might be, but is a contemporary argument about its affliction to the liberty of humans worldwide.

Yet, your entire claim to Jewish people having a right to the land is rooted solely in a far, more distant past.

Not according to data. Russia is by far the world’s biggest threat in terms of numbers.

The fact is, those which you hold most dear, support the most and prefer over our own country are the preeminent threat to the world today.
Second is your fascist white nationalists.

The United States has not, for one minute of its existence, spoken solely one language. Also, you despise the US, its allies, its culture and prefer the Russian opponent.

To unify in purpose, not person-hood. Additionally, that entire concept is collectivist, of which you consider the enemy…being and Ayn Randian objectivist, despite the ideology and person both being full of shit and utter hypocrites.

You prove with every post you despise our principles and favor authoritarian Russia.


As to with Russia, yet you defend them over your own country.

Or in the name of Putin

You mean to fight Islamic terrorists?

or when Trump praised him?

Sounds terrible. Yet, you don’t seem to have a problem when Russia is doing the killing, do you?

erroneous and fake

Curiously, you have no problem with right wing Christians in the US pushing Nigeria to murder gays, huh?

You could care less about Nigerians (who represent what you call the source of crime in the US - black skin), or Christians, or displacement or refugees or anything else. All you care about is a talking point.

Time and time again you show you have no value, whatsoever, for anything relating to virtue, honesty or integrity.

You celebrate mass murderers. You celebrate pedos. You celebrate genocide. You praise Putin, try to push the same blogs used by mass shooters.

The Minsk Agreement was violated by Russia, who stated that they were not party to it to begin with…almost immediately. Of course, the Minsk AGREEMENT itself was in place because Russia was using mercenaries to take control of a sovereign nation.

That’s because Trump supports Russia and views our allies as enemies. He also was cooking up a deal to let Russia take Ukraine.

False. It’s Russia trying to take a sovereign nation.

You can also believe in dragons, but nobody cares.

You and your ilk love this…see Storm’s posts

Not according to the numbers. More people who think like you hold that record.