The FBI needs to be dismantled

We need to come up with better checks and balances and oversight over these guys.

They are way too empowered.

They have become a weapon to the Masters who wield them.

Conspiracy nut fucking job

You’re saying The Hill is not credible? The report is wrong?

I’m saying you are an idiot


“Have become”? You don’t know much about the history of the FBI, do you?

Talk to your pal. I’m not the one defending them.

As usual, GSC is correct. The FBI needs complete revamping.

Can you imagine bikki?

First Djrion comes on and tries to make it seem like the story is false…. As though the fbi isn’t corrupt to the core.

Then Warden, instead of just correcting his girlfriend, tried to widen the scope, “oh, they have always been corrupt!”

Yea, and?

I agree with you warden! I’m a “first amendment auditor” type of personality when it comes to any law enforcement.

I praise the rare good ones and want all the other ones held accountable at 10x what a civilian would be charged with.

Why can’t you just agree?

If 305 posted this, would you have made the same comment? Nope! You’d have acknowledged it.

It’s time to put your hatred of me away and just deal with the content. It’s getting tired.

I did nothing of the sort. You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about as per usual. But keep jumping to conclusions GSCl :lying_face: wn, it is what you do best.

Fairly certain you have misinterpreted warden as well.