The ex-'canes get-together. Do you agree with this?

“We have to worry every weekend if we’re going to win. That’s downright embarrassing.” - Brett Romberg

This, I do agree with. Does anyone think we’re a shoe-in to beat VT today? They lack a head coach who was released this week and yet we still have to doubt if we can win today because, well, we’ve lived through the last 20 years so we know it. There is more focus on the group’s part about being dissed by the school or staff now because they’re never included in any aspect of the program now. And while I do think that’s “a” problem, in my opinion it’s not the only or primary problem as you start breaking down the issues with the president, athletic department, lack of experience, apathy, etc. So there’s a great many layers to it all.

I’ll link the Herald copy and the Yahoo version if you’re having issues reading the Herald site…

Miami Herald

Yahoo! Copy

After the Shalalalala trainwreck, I welcome a President who stays in his lane. Hire a great AD, give him the funds and staff necessary to succeed and stay the F out of his way.

Yea- I’m with stork here.

Hire an AD, provide him with autonomy and the resources to compete and leave him alone.

This program is the tail wagging the dog for 20 years.

This is dumb. They’re just getting together to complain.

They all need to get on a plane and fly to meet Cristobal and convince him to make the move.

NO ! IMHO they are doing the right thing …instead of the popular thing…which has often been the problem. Not a fan of “big” names …but I’ll take Dykes or Stoops over Cristobal…

I’m as/more sick of the ex players than I am the current ones…

It’s rinse/and repeat with this ex player bullshyt

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Agree. If these guys want a say get to work building a smaller program up.