The Black National Anthem

During my days as a civil rights marcher, I came to enjoy singing the Black National Anthem; I still know the words to the song. It was a song of racial harmony which I thought united people in the pursuit of human rights for all citizens. I like the song and find it nostalgic.

Conversely, I find today’s use of the Black Anthem following the National Anthem as offensive in your face propaganda. There is only ONE national anthem, and it should be the sole anthem used before athletic competitions. Politics just doesn’t belong at sporting events.

This does not mean the black anthem should not be played. It is quite appropriate to play at political gatherings and other events commemorating African Americans. I find it always inappropriate however to play it after the National Anthem.

I agree with your sentiment. I didn’t realize that this was an ongoing thing. So are they going to play US, Canada and this when the Raptors play Suns for example?