The Biggest Lie Foisted on You by Democrats

Considering the vast number of lies told by Democrats each passing a day, it took me a while to wade through the lies to ascertain the most egregious one that is heard nearly every day. It is a complete lie, a myth, rooted in wealth envy. Here is the big whopper:


says the guy who lies on a daily basis

The top ten per cent pay more than half of all income tax… Is that a fair share? It seems to me that is MORE than a fair share, and the fool Biden is going to raise capital gains, taking a slice of the profit right off the top. Raising taxes usually turns into lowering tax revenue because it stunts growth and innovation.

Lol…Remember when he responded to me yesterday by saying "Ah, the proverbial Trumpkin response: “nuh-uh, you are.”

Good times.

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Along with wealth envy, calling people racists is the chief modus operandi of Marxists. Even Larry Elder was ridiculously called the “black face of white supremacy.” But, the real racists are the Democrats who control every major inner city in America, and have for fifty to a hundred years; every killing field --Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Minneapolis. Every injustice real or imagined in the inner cities, Democrats are 100% responsible for. The oppressor of inner city minorities is not “white supremacy;” it’s the flesh and blood racist, pro-criminal officials of the Democrat Party.

Then they disguise it as “caring about others”

I am not wealthy…Didn’t come from wealth…And have lifelong black friends that we group in the same yards/living rooms/corners/ballfields and have never had a racist thought in my life… And I have never thought I had any entitlement to a rich person’s money and will never cave in to all these phony race-hustling agendas.

I know so many people like Elizabeth Warren… Totally meltdown prone bat-shit crazy lib who thinks her equally ineffective, but ridiculously more slanted and radical quest for utopia is any better than the rest of us.

The late and great Walter Williams once wrote a column about the amazing progress achieved by African Americans prior to welfare reforms which destroyed the black family unit which prior to the so-called liberal reforms was more stable than that of almost all American ethnic groups. Were American blacks to form their own country comprised only of black people, they’d be the eighteenth wealthiest nation on earth, certainly wealthier than any black-governed nation on earth. Thomas Sowell writes nostalgically of the the wonderful families that inhabited the Harlem of his youth when Harlem schools had test scores comparable to their peer schools in other burroughs of NYC As I averred earlier in this thread, it has been liberals who have destroyed the black family and hindered African-American advancement. Children deserve two parent households. Responsible parenting stewards success. A case in point are Asian households where Asian children outperform their peers in all other ethnic groups. Reiterating, it is the Democrats who are responsible for the colossally horrible conditions found in all black, ghettoized communinties found in Democrat-governed cities. The true racists are leftists. Make no mistake about it.

More lies. Typical and consistent. Leffer was proven wrong over the course of the last 40 years in every substantial way. Recent polling of the top 40 economists in the US resulted in not a single one agreeing with Laffer on any single point. History proves you incorrect. In the 40s, when the top marginal tax rate was 70%-94%, we experienced the largest GDP growth in American history. After the 80s when Reagan implemented the Laffer fraud in the Economic Recovery Act of 1981 reduced government revenues by 9%, we experienced runaway deficits and national debt to the point he had to increase taxes in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1987. GWH Bush followed with no new taxes, but of course, he had to bc of the irresponsible Laffer fraud of his predecessor.
Then, we have the example of Laffer’s influence in Kansas under Sam Brownback who Laffer convinced to eliminate income taxes for approx 330,000 of the top wage earners in the state. The state’s budget quickly swang from surplus to deficit, resulting in drastic cuts to funding to nearly all critical programs and a destruction of Kansas’ economy. Then, we have Trump’s irresponsible tax cuts (of course, only permanent to the richest Americans)

As far as Heritage goes…consistent liars. You guys forget these are the same cats who kept saying second hand smoke is safe, smoking doesn’t cause cancer and climate change is fake (of course, using the same guys for that as they used for the smoking propaganda)

You’re bereft of ideas…that’s why your entire party is now relying solely on lying

…says the guy who celebrates every black death he can get

Yeah, I’m sure the war on drugs has nothing to do with it, or the promotion of the private prison industry, nor that we have established slave labor in prisons utilized by every major corporation.