The 2022 election influencers


Hopefully, young, women turnout to save Democracy.

Demographics also play a role. We need minorities as well.

Think my mail-in ballot (fuck you assholes) comes today or tomorrow.

I think the abortion momentum has waned. It’s rating much lower on the list of top priorities.

It’s probably 50/50 now the R’s take the House and Senate. The House looks like a done deal. The Senate wasn’t in play a few months ago, but I think it definitely is now.

A lot of that has to do with the terrible debate performances of Dems and the fact that Fetterman is not well.

So, I guess Democracy might not be saved. Lol

There is nothing in the Constitution that would suggest that the right to abortion falls under aegis of the Constitution. Row vs Wade was a judicial mistake, and revoking it has restored constitutional fidelity. The Supreme Court simply repaired the Constitution correcting a defective ruling. It will do the same thing , I predict, when it rules on Affirmative Action.

That’s cause women didn’t exist as persons back then nor were they contributors to the writing of said constitution. Don’t think they could hold office, but someone would have to fact check me on that one. So you bringing up an irrelevant point when you actually agree with abortions is a fucking joke.

All the more reason we need to rethink this shit before you fucking terrorists destroy our country