Thanks cdl0002 👌

Thanks cdl0002 for taking the time. I mean, if you are still going to keep that username, that is.


I’m happy to do it. I’ll probably change it to something else, but we’ll see. I think I can change the heart “like” button to a thumbs up as well. Heart seems a little feminine if you will for this group :sweat_smile:

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I’m offended! :laughing:

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Don’t get your panties in a bunch, now drop the purse nancy!

Great job cdl…Thank you.

Like walking into a new bar and seeing a bunch of old friends…

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Agree. Things are looking great! Awesome work

We need a running list of who is who if user names have changed? I’m still DJ for instance :slight_smile:

A majority are the same. I think only a few have actually changed. I’m the poster formerly known as cdl0002 :slight_smile: