Thank you, Elite80

Many times I’ve taken Elite80 to task for his political views, but over the years I’ve learned that he is one helluva stand up guy. He has worked diligently in his business of football recruiting and has empathetically helped a goodly number of young athletes pursuing their educations and athletic careers…

For months, we’ve languished in the interregnum between football seasons exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. Skeeter has filled in a lot of the news gaps, but so has Elite80 with his excellent podcasts featuring interviews with coaches and other football experts.

Fish is a hardworker, and I wish him well in his business ventures. He has certainly put his life into them. Listen to Elite80’s podcasts. They’re really worthwhile.


cheers 80!

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Bikki, I appreciate. We did a pod last Friday should be up today with a P5 coach…think you will enjoy.