Texas had estimated 26,000 pregnancies from rape since total abortion ban


Have at it what you will, but that number doesn’t sound like they are taking some liberties to you?


I dunno. Read it and find out

Chinbeard’s take is essentially, “nuh-uh.” I think I’ll lend more credence to the study than the guy offering nothing more than “nuh-uh.”


I wonder how right he is. Off year, but I saw this

That shows over 400,000 in 2022 alone.

Sounds like Chinbeard is trying to pander to his Twitter audience a bit, maybe taking some liberties with his numbers, don’t ya think?

He goes into more detail in that convo

Super. How does it compare to the report on the rapes or the statistics detailing his inaccuracies in the number of rapes per year, as his premise? I don’t have Twitter, so I’ll have to rely on your research, after you read the study, of course.