Teacher sex abuse in the US

Warden loves to rail on the Catholic Church for the sex abuse scandal. Here are 181 examples of school teacher sex abuse in the US in the first half of this year.

Sick people are everywhere in society.

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Oh Jesus, attack educators and education. Privatize everything!!! Such a sham how fox warps minds

Just saw the headline, as I don’t read or care for FOX.

But the site hardly matters, as the information is accurate.

Hey - how about regardless of where it comes from, these sick people (and those who enable them) need to be held accountable?

Actually, the Fox article isn’t all that bad tbh. Thanks @IndianaCane and @Canes51 for slowing my roll and setting me straight. I was wrong to respond that way and apologize.

I would like to read more on the actual study and whataboutism should not be present when discussing our kids.

Each has merit in its own. My initial assumption was that kids are MORE LIKELY to be around many teachers 5 days a week and perhaps a priest 1nce a week. So higher incidence is a duh but more analysis needs to occur.

Again, we’ve gone over this a few times…of course abuse happens in other places, but the Catholic Church (for hundreds of years as I’ve show) has protected, hidden, reassigned and covered up these abuses…time and time and time and time again. My point is that as the ladder to your salvation…how the fuck can you still believe they are who they say they are considering what they’ve done?
School boards don’t have the power or historical precedent in hiding teachers and not reporting to the police and moving them around this country or that to not get caught.

The Catholic Church has. This is their church. These are the arbiters of their faith, ladders to word of God, right? This isn’t a rock band they liked in the 70s who wrote songs about banging high school chicks, like Ted Nugent.


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There goes @Warden84 defending sexual abusers again.

His next argument will be that the majority of teachers involved in these scandals are Christians.

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Seems terrible. Are schools arbiters of the faith, designers of the religious dogma and house your ladder to the word of God while hiding the pedophile rapist priests that you hold so dear to your heart?

I mean, the lack of morality is astounding, but oddly, not unexpected. For instance, I was on my fraternity’s alumni board for years…they were accused of rape, not once but twice at the very end. While the police, school, and national fraternity immediately went into damage control and in one instance, began attacking the girl…I walked. I resigned from the board. I refused to put any money towards it and withdrew entirely for the first time in 25 years. I’m not sure the disconnect within you, but it’s not a good one. Your church is evil, as in the context of inherently evil, to its core. We have literally thousands of years as examples. How do you rectify that with your soul? What kind of a person does that?


Plus it’s a deflection.

Do the actions of bad priests negate the deposit of faith?

And if so, in what way?

What you fail to understand is that the revealed teaching by the Church simply goes through the church. The Church is a conduit. It doesn’t create new dogma. That can only be done by a Council/Synod.

So your point would work on someone who doesn’t know his faith but is a weak argument against me.

As I’ve said before- a doctor that commits a crime and a hospital that covers it up doesn’t negate the fact that objective medicine is practiced there.

I attended a private academy school, and my parents got their money’s worth. My teachers were superior instructors. Our school had seven out ten National Merit scholars in country schools. Private schools are protest schools for parents who value real education. No way a child of mine would be sitting in any classroom being propagandized with CRT, revisionist history, or being subjected to racial intolerance and terrible extortion. I know these matters well being disciplinarian of a giant high school during integration. I saw vile racism of the worst kind, and I helped turning an unruly school into one which parents wanted to send their children. Six of my former students turned out to be murderers, and their hostile behavior was evident early in their school careers. Students whose parents couldn’t handle them, the police couldn’t handle them, nor the Juvenile Court were persuaded to leave my school. Why? Because they interfered with the education of 2,700 other students. We upheld the rights of the worthy. Not one student I ever disciplined did not know the difference between right and wrong. Not one!