TAM Game

TAM looked strong in their opener. Petrino running the offense seems to be a sea change for them.

The spread is TAM -5. If I was going to bet on the game, I’d take TAM.

Hopefully, Miami won’t get routed. I guess they have a puncher’s chance and certainly seem to be somewhat improved over last season but I don’t think the team is quite there yet. Maybe they will surprise me. With one or two more very strong recruiting classes, Miami should be able to compete with the best teams again. We’ll see.

It would be a great win if Miami can pull it off but I am unable to be optimistic about Miami after enduring the last 20 years of total bullshyt.

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I share your sentiment Stork. Bobby Petrino is a formidable offensive coordinator and Texas A&M has SEC caliber talent. I see a victory against the Aggies as an uphill challenge. Also, Jimbo is under some pressure at the moment.

After last year, and this being his third year, curiously, I am still not sold on Van Dyke. To win me over, I want to see him hit some downfield passes which we did not see against the Red Hawks.

If our ground game materializes as it did this past week, our chances to prevail are greatly enhanced. It would be dreadful to see our ground game stuffed forcing us into one dimensional offense. Conversely, my spirit would be buoyed exponentially were we to rip off a series of long runs while throwing some downfield home runs.

I see this as the most important game of the early season. A victory in this game would be a powerful confidence builder, and we’d have a good chance of being 5-0 going into the more difficult second half of the season.

He did once but it was to the other team.

I just saw highlights but I’m guessing Miami didn’t take many downfield shots in the Gattis tradition.

Meh…Two sustained 1st and early 2nd quarter drives by one of the 3 or 4 worst offenses out of 133 teams against them.

Texas A&M is loaded up front. Their defensive line is very good. I like DVD but Emory Williams is the future. He will be the qb who leads Miami back to the playoffs.

Granted NM is weak but TAM won 52-10 and were up 35-7 at the half. Could have easily won by 50+ if they wanted.

I guess we’ll find out Saturday. Not all that optimistic but hope to be proven wrong.

Ya I’m just saying…2 early game drives may be a bad sign…For instance Miami OH offense is much better and they’d be favored by almost 2 TD over Mex. New Mexico is almost FCS

I hear ya though, wasn’t least bit close and it shouldn’t have been.

New Mexico was 2-10 last year. :joy::joy:

Two vs FCs teams

ATM has two good WRs

Will come down to Miami’s DBs vs those two And Miami’s OL vs their DL. Maybe Miami’s DL can produce enough pressure to limit the damage from the two WR.

Happy to be wrong. Miami played much better than I expected.

I’ll readily admit that after 20 years of suck football, I have a hard time being objective about Miami and I am pessimistic about their chances of winning in almost every game.

Pretty sure they can handle Bethune though.

Temple is not a good team. Canes should be 4-0 going against GT in early October.
GT seems to be decent this year after really sucking the last couple of years.

So, the away game at UNC on 10/14 would seem to be the first real test, followed by Clemson in Miami the next week.

UNC nearly lost to App State yesterday so they may not be all that great. Clemson lost to Duke last week so maybe the Canes have a chance against them for once?

So, we’ll see. Hopefully, Miami can win at least 8 games if they stay healthy.

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