T-Rob hire and thoughts

Great get as a DB coach…Don’t know if he’ll be corners/safeties/or both. He at least a co-dc …my thoughts on this

Outside of 3-4 guys, T-Rob coming to Sofla and replacing Rumph is about as excited as I can be over a Db coach. Has been an excellent recruiter, polar opposite of Trumph. And his resume has plenty of guys who went to the league. Nole80 and others who have crossed paths with him can probably elaborate.

But I’ve read both ways on Baker (Staying/leaving)…And T-Rob since he’s been DC at SoCar, the defenses have definitely been mixed reviews only 1 in top 30 FEI and he ran a different system, basically Muschamp’s …I’d be willing to give this year (they were putrid) a pass bc it was a weird year and then Muschamp lame duck. BUT nothing special before this year either… Him and Baker is not good enough at the position imo…Bring in an old salt (doesn’t even have to be a monster name) to mesh ideas with diaz and work with T-Rob and hire either a CB/S coach with T-Rob coaching the other.

JMO, definitely glad to have him on board…just prefer Baker gone. Like all the DL coach options I’m hearing. Simpson/Partridge/Patrick. All would work for me.


So I don’t think he is the co-DC (per UM press release and his twitter profile…notably absent). But there is no way Baker is the one calling the plays or having Trob subordinate to him. I think there is a true DC hire coming…


Thanks I only read 247 article and then the subsequent commentary and ivins notes. Didn’t read the official stuff. Fair enough, we shall see.

Can move this to other board if needed Dallas…And my apologies as I didn’t see the other thread on the subject.

T-Rob is a very good recruiter. He has also found some nice prospects along the way. One player who I really liked he found and evaluated was israel mukuamu… He had a great season two years ago. Don’t know what happened this past year. He may have opted out.