Sweden Joining NATO

After 200 years of neutrality, Russia has forced Sweden’s hand.

In the face of increasing pressure from the EU, Hungary could only suck up to Russia for so long. They’ve finally approved Swedish ratification.

There are still some days and approvals left in the process, but it should be a done deal. NATO is now stronger than ever.


Not a good development. The Nordic countries always tried to remain neutral because they essentially wall off and now surround Russia with what is perceived as enemies to the north. Wonder what the Russian response will be to this.

Europe’s greatest threat is the similar threat we face, and it is not Russia. The preeminent threat to Europe is that of immigration, specifically Islamic immigration, which threatens to make native Europeans strangers in their own lands.

In the condo I formerly owned in Moscow, nearly all the residents were non-Russians, the largest groups being Scandinavians, especially Swedes involved in business ventures in Russia. I myself tried to partner up with Russians to invest in commercial real estate in Moscow. Shame I could never put together a joint venture partnership since Moscow real estate has increased in value significantly. I can hardly believe what the Moscow skyline now looks like. How incredibly stupid the West is not to restore relations with Russia. They’d rather watch the hapless Ukrainians fight to the last man fighting a war they cannot hope to win.

Same as the Russian response to Finland joining. Nothing.

Both these countries add nice military support to European NATO though, which some conservative Americans seem to think should happen so the US doesn’t need to intervene as much. Sounds like a win/win.

So immigrants are bad unless they’re you?

Well, 2 of the 3 were. Norway was a founding member of NATO.

Also, why would you consider that to be not a good development? NATO is our group, our allies, etc. It appears you’re catering to Russia and nobody else in your concerns. Russians have already claimed they’re not stopping with Ukraine, which is WHY we’re fighting them there. This is their 8th incursion under Putin into a sovereign territory. Again, I find it curious your only concerns appear to be on behalf of Putin

Russia so far has lost 300,000 people. That’s more than we lost in WW1, Revolutionary War, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq. Russia has made it clear they do not plan to stop at Ukraine and want Poland, a NATO ally. Methinks you and I have quite different allies.

I’m worried about a Russian response.

I don’t want war. Local, regional, or global.

Russia will now feel more boxed in. They will respond. That will likely be by grabbing land somewhere else. That means a possible NATO, US response.

This has nothing to do with liking or catering Russia. Quite the opposite.

I have 2 young boys. I don’t want them potentially going off to fight a war that can be avoided.

While I can empathize, I don’t recall those sentiments being expressed when Trump bombed the Iranian general, or when he sent missiles to Syria or anything about how we should stop the Israel/Hamas thing. When Storm was preaching about having casualties, I don’t remember you saying you wanted to avoid those.

Weird that you only have that sentiment when it comes to Russia. I’d have to go back, but I don’t recall you criticizing Putin ever.

What’s also weird is the people now continually talking about how America should stay out of wars are the same people who support Russia and vilify NATO.

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These 2 scenarios are night and day.

Trump’s military attacks were usually either retaliatory OR stealth raids/attacks when a known terrorist or military target were available.

If you want to bring up Iran, I think it’s a silly comparison to Russia. Iran’s only real military advantage is its mountainous territory which makes it almost impossible to lay siege to and occupy. In today’s modern warfare, Iran isn’t really an expansionist risk. Russia is.

I’m not a fan of Russia or their oppressive regime, but if I had to rank my enemies in order of “who is most similar to the American culture” Russia is much closer than China or Iran. At least they are Christian people who have similar moral systems (the people). And we share common existential threats.

I’ve never supported Russia. But I also don’t support Ukraine. I simply feel it isn’t our fight or our business. I don’t think we should be the policeman and Jurors of the world. I’m not an isolationist, but if we’re going to send Americans to die there should be good, verifiable, and transparent reasons for it. I don’t know why that’s a bad position.

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Trump started no wars, and there would not have been a war in Ukraine had Trump not been swindled in the 2020 election.

According to Russians, the number killed is 50,000 and another 50,000 wounded. I accept the Russian numbers since lamentably the Russian press lies less than our own. All the propaganda about Ukraine defeating Russia are lies. Presently, Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering at record numbers or men are fleeing the country rather than sacrificing their lives for nothing.

NATO should be disbanded. Our big worry should be about Poland invading Western Ukraine which would drag American troops into a war with the Russians, and given the power of the Russian military together with advanced weapons we don’t have, we’d likely lose the war.

If you want to know what is going on, just listen to Doug MacGregor or even to Ron Paul.

There should be no cease fire in Israel until Hamas is completely defeated. Nor should Israel withdraw from Gaza. Troops should remain in Gaza until responsible governance can be installed. If Hamas is worried about preserving innocent lives, it should stop using innocents as human shields.


Curiously, both of those attacks could have led to war. You didn’t write that you didn’t want war or military conflicts except when its retaliatory or when its under the guise of stealth attacks when a known military target was available. You wrote you didn’t want war, local, regional or global. But, when presented with Trump attacking, you make excuses. It’s okay now.

Funny, you didn’t want war, local, regional or global. But, now you are okay as long as Trump is doing it and you have a military advantage. Strange. Once again, it’s excused.

The more curious part is Americans aren’t being harmed in the Ukraine/Russia fight that you’re so opposed to. However, Americans were hurt when Trump shot a missile at the Iranian general and then Trump downplayed the seriousness of those American injuries. In fact, at first he lied and said nobody was injured and then when presented with evidence he was lying, he said :slight_smile:

“I don’t consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries that I’ve seen,” he continued. “I’ve seen what Iran has done with their roadside bombs to our troops. … I’ve seen people that were horribly, horribly injured in that area, in that war.”

In fact, Iran responded and shot their own at our bases housing US military on Jan 8th, which resulted in 11 US troops being evacuated to Germany from Iraq. Of course, Trump lied about that too and said nobody was injured.

So, your conviction that you don’t want war, local, regional or global doesn’t stand up to your following words. You’re entirely okay with it as long as your guys is doing it and Russia isn’t involved. Either attack could have spiraled into a larger war, with historical evidence that the United States was physically involved in 2 of the longest wars in history in that region and very recently. You don’t appear to be too concerned for your two boys when presented with war in that context. We’ve never physically been in a war with Russia and no American troops are even involved. The only way we’d be involved is if it spiraled into a World War and you prefer we stay out of it, I guess. Weird, that it’s only in that context you don’t want war. You’re entirely okay with war, as long as its not involving Russia and Trump gets to do it, apparently. Something seems familiar in these sentiments…hmmm…I wonder what it is.

Strange, as you appear to be. I am often wrong, however. It’s curious you rank your enemies based upon who is more similar to American culture. It’s also curious you then compare Russia to China or Iran and not that actual enemies Russia is against, threatening. Russia isn’t threatening war with China or Iran. Iran works with Russia and so does China.

Russia is threatening NATO, places like the UK, the actual United States, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Norway and Poland. It’s so curious you favored Russia and then chose to contrast them to Iran and China and not NATO, not our actual allies that Russia would be fighting. Was that a mistake or potentially some failed obfuscation? I’m sure it was a mistake, as you’d never try to redirect the argument to a fake scenario to prove your point that you prefer Russia over our NATO allies. I mean, they are “Christian” and “we share common existential threats.”

You know, the more curious thing is that to prove your point you cited they were “Christian” and do they really share our existential threats? Russia considers NATO it’s primary existential threat. We’re in and at the head of NATO. But, Russia is “Christian”, right? They have 3 recognized and legal religions in Russia. Others are often persecuted or prosecuted. After the 2020 Russian religious law amended with some new provisions including requiring “priests and employees of religious organizations who have received spiritual education abroad must pass mandatory re-certification and re-education in Russia. Although this requirement only applies to Russian citizens starting their religious activities in Russia after the law comes into effect, it can significantly burden Buddhist and Catholic communities, because these groups do not have religious schools in Russia.” Re-education camps. Protestant practitioners of “Christianity” are prosecuted, have their buildings and religious meeting houses demolished, legally. The Yaravaya Law outlines a myriad of legal restrictions against “extremist religions”, of which Christian evangelism is included. Did you know they are only 1% Catholic? 10% are Muslim. Aren’t you Catholic and wouldn’t that make you are religious minority?

Strange line of reasoning, sir. Very strange.

Trump would and will “encourage” Russia to invade allies of the United States in which he dislikes. He publicly stated it. Trump would have given Ukraine to Russia as Trump’s allegiance is moreso to himself and Putin than any American.

Those are the same Russians who can’t compete in the Olympics because they can’t stop being caught cheating, right?

Sounds like your allegiance, like Trumps’, is more to Russia and Putin than to the United States. Seems pretty clear.

Right, right…our allies are the enemy and not Russia. It’s not Russia’s fault, it’s the response to Russia that’s the culprit. Again, seems remarkably clear where your allegiances lay and its not with the United States, any of our people, any people on this message board. You quite clearly would choose Russia and Putin over your own country (maybe) and every person you see every day. You’re not alone, there have been lots of people who chose their country’s enemies over their own and betrayed their fellow countrymen, throughout history. Robert Hannsen was an ex FBI agent who was one of the most damaging spies in history, sold out his country to Russia. Aldrich Ames was caught selling out his country to Russia.

The most similar, Mildred Gillars was an American broadcaster employed by the Nazis to disseminate Axis propaganda during WW2. You’re not alone in this fight, Bikiki. You’re kind of Axis Sally for the 21st Century.

Any attack can lead to war. That’s obvious. Some more than others. Typically retaliatory strikes are usually not only accepted as fair game but are expected. But more so- the Iran situation had a low probability of starting a war. You have to understand the geopolitics. Iran is forced to conduct all of its military operations via proxies. They are literally surrounded by enemies (Pakistan to the East, Saudi, Iraq and Turkey to the West)…. They don’t have a military that can project itself right now in a theatre of war. Most of their operations are done via Hezbollah and the Houthies. This isn’t by accident. Iran isn’t that powerful militarily. They are just amazingly strategically located in between beneficial mountain ranges so we’re going to have to deal with for eternity.

I’m glad that we’ve kept troops out. How long will that last if Russia begins to push again? Particularly into another country? I think this regime is foaming at the mouth to enact Article V.

Do I? Your statement was that you don’t want war…regional, local or global. You have two boys to think about.

It appears quite different when Trump does it and Russia isn’t involved. Then, it’s about geography, their vulnerability, their military potential. How the wind wipes away those concerns and convictions you have so swiftly, in such a light breeze.

Again, curious you phrased it as we’re more similar to Russia than Iran and China, as if our sympathies to Russia should be galvanized immediately in the spirit of comradery…except, Russia is threatening the US, Nato, our allies and not Iran or China. They are “Christian” though, and you don’t have any favoritism towards Russia…no, of course not.

War has been in Ukraine since 2014. There were 15 thousand portraits on the Wall of Remembrance before 2022 ever hit.

According to Russia, they have destroyed 3 times more HIMARS than Ukraine has ever had in service. The truth is they haven’t destroyed a single one, though one did very recently need to be serviced.

Every single time Russia suffers a catastrophic defeat, they blame it on an accident. When they lost the Moskva, it was a crew member smoking causing a fire. They lost an A-50 a couple weeks ago. Friendly fire. They lost one the week after. Friendly fire again. Those dang Russians REALLY don’t like to admit when Ukraine gets one over on them!

You should be disbanded.

Literally no one worries about that. Not even the Russians telling those lies.

The one still struggling against Ukraine 2 years into a war with their neighbor?

Just like you thought Biden was a warmonger inventing claims about Russia being about to invade Ukraine…

But Ukraine is Mother Theresa Right

I’m sure their numbers are a true christian count

Curiously, both of those attacks could have led to war

Coulda Woulda Shoulda… Bottom line there wasn’t
Trump will be a dictator and end democracy… Yup, just like those oppressive 2016 -220 years.

You’re pretty tough to beat with those “couldas” and “will bes”

Who gives a shit. Those numbers are from the UK, slapdick. Maybe you should buy a vowel

[quote=“skeeter, post:17, topic:6287”]
Coulda Woulda Shoulda… Bottom line there wasn’t

Your understanding of the argument is like that of a child who walks into the middle of a movie and asks what’s going on.

Again, you should buy a vowel. Your understanding of current events is about as lacking as your soft dick. I would say try and keep up, but you’re a cuckold to the far right, always have, always will be.

Project 2025


Now, wipe your chin, little fella.

Sweden is now a doomed nation owing to liberalism. Muslims will outbreed natives and we’ll witness just another validation of the Replacement Theory (which we’re also seeing here in the USA). Sweden has a small population, so the outnumbering won’t take long. Already, evidence of same is seen in Malmo which has in the last two decades slipped from a first world city to a Third World one. What have liberals done to their country Hardly a day goes by in Stockholm that a car bomb does not explodes. One out of four Swedish women can now expect to be forcibly raped during their lifetimes. Sweden once was a country with the fewest rapes in Europe. Now, it is the No. 1 epicenter of rapes, and even a moron can guess who are committing these crimes. Native Swedes are rapidly becoming Strangers in Their Own Land.

The only really sane nation in Europe today is Hungary, because Hungary scrupulously polices its borders.

Since the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia has flourished under the able stewardship of Putin. Yes, it is still corrupt but Putin has put patriotism above the self-interest of its oligarchs. The same cannot be said for Ukraine. Ukraine is, if its at all possible, more corrupt than even Mexico. Wealth is truly in the hands of a small number of oligarchs, and Ukraine holds the distinction of being Europe’s second poorest nation. Only Moldova ranks below Ukraine.

What a great idea letting Palestinians take refuge in the United States. What could go wrong? How well have Palestinians behaved in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait or anywhere else. Israel should NEVER agree to a Palestinian state. They already have a state; it’s called Jordan.

And you’re a cuck to the far left you race-peddling, gender-bending cunt. There I can play too.

Your understanding of the argument is like that of a child who walks into the middle of a movie and asks what’s going on.

And you’er the gullible little kid who believes everything he sees on tv is real.

Who gives a shit.

You, clearly