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Is that real or did somebody make a digital funny?

That’s great!

I’m not sure. I just swiped it with the snip tool while looking for any info about whether Tua Tagovailoa will ever play football again or should even be allowed to. Grrrr! Just a funny sign to break the downer mood surrounding the brittle Miami QB.

I’ll say one thing for him though. Even though taken to the hospital with a concussion, he still gets released and finds a way to get on the plane with the team to return home back to Florida. This puts him ONE UP on Urban Meyer who one year ago couldn’t pull off the same thing on his week four Thursday night game in Cincinnati. I thought this was worth mentioning.

Saw this today


I can’t believe any of this is an issue ^^^

Even in the postgame stuff…When Tony Gonzalez and those guys were basically we talked to Too today and he was fine

The woman anchor was like…Well he seeeeeemmmed fine on the outside? But the question is why was he on the field?

Huh??? He’s on the field because he was cleared to be on the field.

Only the Dolphins can ruin a guy’s career like this.

His finger motion last scared the shit out of me.

Hope he’s ok. Different team without him.

How did the Dolphins ruin anything lol?

This whole narrative is insanity

And (on a totally unrelated note) yes there is a downgrade, but (and this is just an estimate)…It’s probably less of a downgrade than at least 23 teams in that league from starter to backup…And that may be conservative.

Anyway, hope he is good to go soon and we see him back.

You’re right, we should all wait until we see what the investigation says. The Dolphins claim that last weeks injury was a back thing and Tua himself says he passed all the concussion tests. If that’s correct then I agree with you. But if they lied to get him on the field for a primetime game against Joey Burrow Thursday night on Amazon prime, then they can go fuck themselves.

We’ve all seen hits much worse than Tua took. I think the fact they took him off on a stretcher as a precaution made everyone assume the worst. Looks like a concussion, plain and simple? His head got slammed into the turf; brain meet skull.

Tua is a tough kid, that injury he suffered in college was a lot worse than a concussion.

The NFL needs to crack down on excessive hits in general and on QB’s specifically. Winding up and body slamming a QB into the ground should draw a year’s suspension without pay That would end it real quick.

Lol…how in the living hell can they crack down on them anymore. You already can’t breathe on them.

But if they lied to get him on the field for a primetime game against Joey Burrow Thursday night on Amazon prime, then they can go fuck themselves

I highly doubt they did this. This whole league sits 6 weeks at a time for hangnails and you have to beg people to play. Not to mention the player’s union or whatever the hell the official sub-committee is called breathing down everyone’s neck CONSTANTLY.

I don’t understand why people can’t accept that Tua may not have had a concussion Sunday. Also at some point, doesn’t some responsibility falls on Tua? How many million is he making?

Tell that to Tua’s head.

Lol…It’s not some type of awful thing that that happened. He plays a rough game and makes millions off of it.

Don’t really understand what the problem is…he takes that risk every time he steps on a football field and every game already has how many roughing the passer and passing inferences…It’s unwatchable as is.

They’ll trending toward it. It’ll take some time but I can see them eventually making the quarterback 2 hand touch or just wrap up.

It’s in the leagues long term interest to do
It so it’ll eventually happen I think.

I wouldn’t surprised if they make the whole thing 2 hand tag

Another progressive liberal type thing

Really? I think it’s just a lot of rich billionaires who don’t want the golden goose killed. Something that really should happen if you care about player safety and not just making more billions. Playing touch or flag football just delays the inevitable it seems.

I don’t think it’s this at all

I think it’s people trying to save the world from every thing known to man.

But hey you may be right.

I think we just get a very quick “in the grasp” whistle at some point and also long suspensions for excessive force.

QB’s are very vulnerable because they are focused on receivers not on protecting themselves.