Storm Was Right!

We may see some treason trials after all…
Just not the ones he was hoping for that were never happening…

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We can only hope

I’d love to see that trial too. I think it would be demonstrative of how far this committee is overreaching.

It would t be the committee. It’d be the justice dept

says the traitor

Mind blown

Gsc, honestly if Obama asked for the people that ran a states election to find votes to win an election what do you think would happen. I mean seriously what does trump have to do for you to say the guy is a pos. I guess all is good…he gave you three judges that did what you wanted them to do…you sold your soul to the devil for someone that should be indicted. He is a traitor to this country and should pay the ultimate price…should be thrown in jail for life.

You think you’re a fuckin picnic?

On these matters GSC is the ultimate hypocrite.

So many fragmented thoughts and nothing actionable for me to respond to.

Says the hypocrite

I’ve never really known 80 to give a fragmented thought? Whatever do you mean?

@GardenStateCane …Don’t worry…He’ll call you a racist sooner or later too. Piece of shit

Actually. Very frank and straight forward question. We all know you are still swallowing his load daily tho.