Still so damn good! The 80s had great fights

fake news…never once uses a reputable source.

I guess you have to try and distract considering your in-house tranny got kicked out and Moms For Liberty can’t go a day without a new sex scandal :joy: :joy:

I was never much into boxing and don’t even know these two cats, but that was a pretty slick fight.

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Ya it remains one for the ages.

If Hearns coulda just landed one of those left hooks in the 1st…Jesus.

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Hearns Hagler is a top 10 fight of all time. Maybe top 3.

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Man, that time was so good. Sugar Ray Leonard and Hearns, Hagler, Duran,oh, good lord Roberto Duran. Guys, any one of those fights with any of those names from the mid 80s is freaking amazing.

Hearns was my favorite.