Starting up again? UCLA, USC to B1G in '24?

A ways to go certainly and they’ll have to apply to the Big 10 officially for membership and then everyone will know that it’s legit. I kind of thought this had calmed down of late. Guess it’s always going to be out there. I sure hope we have a SUITABLE dance partner when this is all said and done. We’ll be OK though, right? Right?

Not this shit again?!?!?

We need to do everything possible to leave this shit conference. I don’t know how because dumbass Blake signed over our rights to the ACC until 2035.

Stupid, shortsighted mofos. Lol I’m pissed

Well, does the GoR that everyone signed keep everyone here? Yes, we’ll make less money in the ACC but the league won’t implode like the B12 and P12 will if everyone stays put. Is Clemson making plans to join the SEC? UNC/Duke to the B1G or SEC? UVT/VT? If we don’t panic, we’ve got time and the league stays together. If there’s deals being struck, grant of rights be damned, then UM is in some trouble so hopefully we’re doing our due diligence.

Perhaps if all the good teams leave the ACC, Miami can finally win it.

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Imagine in 2003 if someone had told you that Pittsburgh will win the ACC in football before Miami. This is when it was us and VT going in for 2004. We’d have said they were out of their minds. Go figure!

Oh, and it is official to by the way. USC and UCLA are gone! I guess it’s better to get out in front of it and confirm it’s happening. Also, the B1G members had no problem at all unanimously approving their applications for membership by early Thursday evening. Glad that all worked out.

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F the B1G Damn poachers…