Stacey Abrams gaffe

Nice comments about her home state, saying it isn’t a great place to live.

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I don’t know if I’d call it a gaffe any more than saying MAGA-peeps are saying our country isn’t great.

GA may be #1 place for biz, but we’re #48 in mental health, #2 in uninsured. #1 in maternal mortality & new HIV cases, #9 in gun violence. For too many, Kemp’s Georgia doesn’t include them. Why? Because #KempDoesntCare

As Governor, I’ll lead #OneGeorgia that’s #1 for all of us.

I know what she was trying to say. But she just provided an awesome sound bite for her opponent come election time.

Georgia is the worst place to live isn’t a good quote to have attached to your name when you are trying to win over the public in the state.

Let’s just hope it is Kemp vs SA. Then Georgians can decide best fit

Let me guess…This fucking pig Adams has the answer for all of this?

#48 in mental health lol…These maniac libtards will come up with some mysterious way for measuring anything won’t they?

You’ve got to give Stacey Adams some credit. Georgia rejected Trump in the 2020 election, and I believe Stacey had a role in his defeat. Though IMO physically revolting, Stacey is smart and wily, a formidable political animal. Were politics like neighborhood choosing of team members for an athletic event, I’d choose Stacey for my team. Republicans, who are divided in Georgia, should not underestimate Stacey. Rotund Stacey might crook her way into the Governor’s mansion yet.

You’ve never had some cocoa in your coffee, Bikks? In all those years, no black chicks?

I believe bikki accidentally admitted there was no fraud in Georgia.

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The precise moment GSC becomes everything he hates…