Spring Games - Miami and UF

Not sure if any of you watched UF spring game. They hit a home run with DJ Lagway. Kid is going to be a star. I expect him to be really tough to face in 2025 and 2026. He has all the tools to be a great quarterback for the gators.

Their run game…I do think this is a concern. Jaden Baugh had 12 carries for 77 yards. He is a big, between the tackles back. Think he can pick up 4-5 yards consistently but lacks any burst or top end speed.

Their top wide receiver is Eugene Wilson (8-catches for 160 yards and 1 touchdown). He is their version of Restrepo. Not a big play threat but can fill a stat sheet up. He is the guy you will have to slow down. The one player who I liked coming out and think he could be really good this year is Marcus Burke. Aiden Mizell is also going to be pretty good.

Mertz- He is a dink and dunk passer. He is a game manager. Honestly feel that the Gators should just roll with Lagway. He gives them a shot of being very good by seasons end on offense. Mertz is what he is…

Their OL gave both quarterbacks times to throw…I did not see them getting overwhelmed at all. Their OL should be solid…Nothing special but good enough in pass pro. Their run blocking is ughh…Needs work.

DL- Their DL got zero pressure on the QB. Will be interesting to see if that changes. I really don’t know who played and who was out…If this is their DL…It could be a tough year.

Secondary- Think this unit is in trouble. Not much talent or depth. Miami should be able to put up some yards.


QB-Cam Ward - liked what I saw from Ward. He is going to extend drives with his ability to make plays. This is something that did not happen with TVD last year. Ward allows Miami to have designed runs on third down. He keeps his eyes down the field. What I saw live in two practices and this spring game makes me believe that Miami will be fine at QB. I saw enough from Emory, Reese and Judd in their practices to realize the room has improved.

RB- Elijah Loftin. He could end up as a freshman of the year type player. Love his versatility. Miami is going to the portal for a big time back. Land one along with Fletcher coming back at some point next season, I like where Miami stands. They have a good backfield.

WR- I like what I saw this spring from Horton. I also think Trader will make an impact as a freshman. This group is young but also talented. The floor has moved…

TE-Loftin is going to be good no matter where you play him. I watched Arroyo in practice and the kid is going to have a big season.

OL- To many bodies out to really judge. I do think the OL is going to be very good this year.

DL-Same as the OL.

LB- Much improved…

DB- I like Porter, think Patterson will be good in time and Brown is a good player. Miami needs to hit the portal.

After watching both games…Think Miami is the better team. Miami will be better on the OL/DL. Cam is a stud…DJ Lagway is a program changer for UF. They need to keep that kid even if Napier gets fired.


Miami WRs have disappointed for I don’t even know how long. It seems we always have some names that people talk up. They end up a bunch of flash, but it’s smoke and mirrors. They either have a case of butterfingers or are scared of the football. The last few years haven’t been as bad as all that but we still can’t get those sure things.

In other words, I hope the floor is moving up. If we have a bunch of young guys out there we maybe can’t expect too much, but we need to start making things easier for our QB.


I do think the floor is moving up. I do think Restrepo being your top target shows you how far the position has dropped at Miami. He should be at best a #2 and most likely a #3. I do think players like Horton and Trader raise the talent level.

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It’s not just wr.

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Agreed on the WR being overall disappointing. Some very good ones here and there. No recent game breakers I’m remembering. Never a full room.

Moss, Wayne, Beard, King was the last killer group that I can recall.

Too true. Sadly. And never a full team of quality position groups across the board. Always thin in too many places. Been so frustrating on so many levels.

It’s going to be harder and harder to build any rooms now with the portal rules being the way they are. College football is literally a new version of the NFL. Roster overhauls every year. Don’t get too attached to players. Even the good ones will leave if the money is right. Now we will see who is actually good at developing players across the nation. We will see who can really coach and adjust to their rosters and who cannot do so.


I mean, I would never slam the kid. I’m impressed as hell at his commitment and drive and what he accomplishes. But he has limitations.

Sadly true. DBs are another unit that comes to mind. Another position group with so much Miami brashness and toughness has essentially vanished. I’m not saying we need to constantly find Sean Taylors, but where is that roamer on the field who opposing receivers are scared of? We don’t seem to ever land that consistent performer.