Spring Game TV?

Sorry if I missed it…is the spring game on tv?

Streaming on ESPN fwiw

I think I read that the ACC Network is running it again 2:00 PM Monday if watching/recording that is an option.

Cam Ward continues to impress. Elijah Loftin is also a stud.

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Yeah having never really seen him play, I’m awful impressed. Kid has a heck of an arm.

Just a heck of an arm sheesh

Miami fans finally have something to forward to. Ward is the real deal.

And who is Shamar Kirk? Had a couple nice catches and don’t know the name.

Believe he is a juco kid.

Dang I missed it.

So the biggest takeaway is we actually have a QB?

Cam is the real deal. He anticipates very well. He does not panic in the pocket. He made a throw on the sideline that maybe 2-3 other QB’s in college can make. He found the outlets when getting pressured. He threw guys open.

Xavier had several really nice catches. No surprise. They looked good together already.

A lot of positive plays.

Several receivers with nice catches.

Really tough to say much about the defense. And not to be negative. A pick six somewhere later on iirc

Again, with no pressure he made it look rather easy imo. Kid’s arm was really impressive. And a lot of nice catches and runs. Tough catches. Adjustment catches. But Cam really made it look kinda easy I thought. I was impressed fwiw.

Miami will have a very good front 7. The back end just does not have enough depth. I expect them to go to the portal and try and improve the secondary. The team lacks a great secondary but that will come eventually. It is easier to fix your secondary. Just improve the talent. Brown and Patterson are good starts.