Spring ball

I am surprised there has been no chatter on Spring practices …


It seems to me that this board skews to older participants. Who have had their optimism tempered by years of mediocrity. Optimism belongs to the young. As has been said before some new (younger) blood on the board might help stir things up. Dallas, how do we create a marketing campaign?

On point, I don’t know anything I haven’t read on the Sun-Sentinel website or ESPN website. So no chatter. Jason Taylor coaches them hard and loves them harder. Yeehaw.

Optimism “tempered” by years of mediocrity ?! Bless your heart for putting it so kindly.

Let’s just say that some guys who were true believers over many …many years may now have to be kept away from sharp or pointy objects lest they try to hurt themselves :rofl:

It’s even worse than ol Charlie Brown thinking that THIS time Lucy won’t pull the ball away at the last second. Ya know…it just might be possible that some of us may wind up with CTE. Not from playing the game …mind you…just from banging our heads against the wall on Saturdays. :smile:

rationalcane — Perhaps the younger group also are a bit naive too. For a couple of decades now we’ve read about how good our team is looking during spring and fall practice only to flounder on the field during the season. Hopes get raised and then dashed. After a while one starts to realize the foolishness of such hype. That leaves us with a seeing is believing attitude and not much else. I can’t speak for others actually but for the past several years I’ve taken absolutely everything I read or heard about the Miami Hurricane with a grain of salt. The only thing that will convince me of anything is by actually seeing it happen. That isn’t pessimism. Us ‘older guys’ just can detect when someone’s attempting to feed us bull crap. We’ve learned the lesson through the years. Now it’s just time to sit back and watch you young optimist learn yours. Go ahead and make the board entertaining and exciting. Us elders will just wait for some excitement on the field. We know that’s the only place where it actually counts.

Agree but feel this is possibly the most quiet spring ball we’ve seen in some time.

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Hey I am 56 (Dillard class of 1985) but maybe young at heart…

So many disappointments over the last 20 years. So many administrators and board members screwing the football up. Got to show me. All the crap about how awesome SoFlo players are and that just by putting the U on the helmet will make them great. Miami has attracted the posers. Will Mario be different. His lack of detail when hiring Assistants showed he was all talk.

A dinosaur :grin:

I kid. I’m a Jersey Cane. I have family in Miami and I used to come down every year to visit… right at the end of August and leave Labor Day for vacation. And I would always see my cousins and uncles watching the Canes. I’m 41, turning 42. This was when I was 3/4 years old so we’re talking 1984/1985 during the Kosar, Testeverde days. Maybe even Kelly. Can’t remember.

its not the same program. This program was murdered sometime in 2003/2004 and if it’s alive it’s on life support. It’s a god damned shame.

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College football was murdered around the same time.


Amazing what steroids can do.