Special Edition Meltdown Time: Jacksonville State stuns the ‘Noles

Of course the Notes get one of their own.

My favorite part was that it took 4 hours

This is what I get

For laughing about UM squeaking by App State

I remember my sophomore year of 1988 when Miami beat us 31-0 to open the season

Those were the days

These were the best ones! :grin: :rofl:


Norvell coaching decisions lost both games. FSU has some talent, and they’ll win a few games. Hell, they’re not supposed to do so, but they might well beat Miami. We even lost to FIU. Last year’s North Carolina stomping was our worst loss in history. And, FSU defeated UNC last year. Never underestimate the Hurricanes to play a horrid game. This weekend should be a terrible beat down.

I thought Norvell was a good coach watching his Memphis teams. Skeeter disagreed with me, and I think Skeeter was right. No poise, bad execution, confusion, dumb penalties, bad decision making. Nevertheless, Norvell’s recruiting may turn out to be his saving grace while Manny seems to be in a recruiting rut, especially with obtaining the big guys on the offensive and defensive lines. If Norvell’s commitments sign-on, he’ll have a much improved squad looking forward.