Speaker at Mike Lindell's voter fraud symposium angrily demands CNN 'stop fact checking' his claims

"The speaker began by admitting that he was “not a computer guy” and could not provide intelligent commentary about the purported digital hacking that Lindell has been alleging throughout the week.

However, he went on to say that he’s been doing his own “research” about the election for months and has concluded that it was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

“We need to wake up as people!” he demanded.

He then turned to scold the media for not taking Lindell’s symposium seriously.

“The cameras in the back – not all of you, but the CNNs of the world – you guys need to start reporting this and stop fact checking it!” he said."

I mean come on…No one in the world believes these fact checkers anymore.






These idiots are so blinded by ideology.

Well, people who don’t like the reality they live in and don’t have the integrity to adjust their ideologies based upon said facts, sure. They don’t believe fact checkers anymore…or that the earth is round, but believe heavily in Qanon, Crackhead Mike Lindell and Trump.

If you put your faith in a crack head then you deserve getting burned for thinking that person is telling the truth. Mr. Pillow guy is an idiot and why would anyone trust anything that comes from that morons mouth.

You on the other hand are a well-adjusted, rational human being.

You just summed up the progressive liberalism cult in a nutshell

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The man doesn’t even realize his words condemn himself.

You believe you are an unbiased arbiter of truth?

I caught you yesterday changing the meaning of two articles and you didn’t even have the common decency to respond with a reason for it.

And those articles supported your position (left wing) and you still had to Ayer them to fit your own narrative.