Sorry Losers, It's Macgregor Time Again

One of the smartest guys from the splendid Trump administration, Macgregor clues in the uninformed. I have tried in earnest to explain how foolish and inane our policy is in Ukraine, and nobody does it any better than Douglas Macgregor, not even me. In addition, Macgregor explains the present status of America’s woke army. 305 who is off the beam when it comes to Ukraine needs to pay close attention here.

If you were a Ukrainian, would you be willing to commit suicide facing the Red Army raining down 70,000 rounds of artillery fire per day? Apparently, none of the European countries will send their troops to help out in Ukraine, nor will the U.S. It won’t be long before NATO is history. Moscow doesn’t even send its main army into Ukraine. The Russians have already won the war. The Ukraine army is in shambles. Worst of all, Biden’s sanctions are destroying the economies of NATO countries and severely damaging our own economy. This entire Ukraine conflict would never have happened under Trump. When your pension funds collapse as they will in many municipalities and some states, don’t blame Trump.