So who'd be our three permanent ACC opponents if the league chucks the divisions?

A 3-5-5 format could be in the works where of the 13 ACC opponents, you’d get three each year on a permanent basis with the other ten teams flip-flopping each year so that in a two year period you’d play everyone once at least. Florida State is a must. That’s a deal breaker if they’re not an annual opponent. I believe Clemson feels the same way about the Noles which I don’t hate because I always thought we should play them every year as well. This might make this a reality! If you had those two, who’s next? VT would have to play UVA each year so they’d be out. The Carolinas all play each other to some degree so ditto. GT? Pitt? Who’d be the fourth if indeed FSU, Clemson and Miami were teamed together? Or am I assuming too much already? Don’t forget, the broadcast networks will have a say in it too. They’ll want football brands in with each other as well and hopefully they like where we’re going!

I figured the 3 recurring will be something like FSU, VT and Pitt. FSU due to rivalry. Pitt and VT due to Big East ties. Could see FSU, VT and Syr or even BC for the same reasons.

If that happens, then what group is Clemson ultimately in? I figured with us and FSU together, Clemson is the natural fit. I honestly don’t care who the 4th team is going to be. I’d probably vote VT but they’re probably not giving up annual UVA games so I figure they’re out. That’s why I think GT is a fit. We play them every year and so does Clemson already. FSU used to have a good thing going with them. The main objectors would probably be the broadcast networks so again, not really set in stone. What I don’t imagine is Miami and Florida State in a group without Clemson. But we will see.

I’d see keep Miami and FSU together

And then keep Clemson and UNC together