So where's FSU without Jordan Travis?

Can Tate Rodemaker play and do anything with this team or are they totally sunk now. Bad leg injury for Jordan and North Alabama was already beating them. Sucks for them to happen at this time.

Tate is not great….but he has a good arm. Fsu should beat uf who has a terrible defense. Lousiville should be tough without Jordan but fsu is still better. They will most likely get crushed in the playoffs.

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I’m exactly where Elite is. They will make the playoffs and get crushed. It’s unfortunate for them. I feel bad for Travis. I think they would have been a dog even with Travis but without they have no shot.

After watching how the Canes pushed FSU around, I realized that they’re not as strong as I thought earlier, and I don’t think they’ve improved as the season went by. Had we a decent QB, we’d have beaten them IMO.

I too agree with Elite80. FSU is capable of putting up points, especially against a poor defense. Travis’s legs were the difference in a lot of games this year. Cannot see FSU beating either Georgia or Alabama, but Florida is no where close talentwise to the aforementioned.

Watching the Egg Bowl this evening. Lane Kiffin runs a great offense. Most of my friends in Alabama want Kiffin to be se Saban’s successor.

The biggest problem is Kiffin hates to recruit. I have dealt with him since his days at usc. Guy puts little to no effort into it. Kiffin is at the best spot for him. Win ten games and you are a hero. If there are any expectations like bama - he will fall miserably.

Agree with 80, not Bikki. I’ve NEVER understood the hype with Kiffin. The guy hasn’t won a big game yet and isn’t going to. Alabama can do MUCH better and should strive to do so when Nick says enough is finally enough. He’d crumble at 'Bama when he’s not winning the big games and has no answers on how to get it done. Way too big a job for him.

Seriously though, never understood the Kiffin and Sark love. They both get it constantly and I never understand why? They seem kind of similar to me.

FSU has recruited very well the last few years. A good team, a stacked roster but losing a starting QB is a big blow to any team, even the best ones.

FSU is much weaker without Travis. If they make the playoffs, I’ll be surprised if they advance. Hell, they might not even get past Louisville.