So when does Trump concede?

He said he would after the Electoral College vote. Are we waiting for another SCOTUS smackdown before he acknowledges the loss? Are we waiting on an early-January Congressional challenge? When do you think Trump finally concedes?

I honestly don’t think he will ever concede. Concession is not something that’s in him to do. If he loves this country as much as some believe he does, it would be the right thing to do in an effort to unite the people. Mitch McConnell also finally acknowledged Biden as President-Elect. President Trump has stayed true to who he really is, so I won’t be shocked if he does not ever concede. In fact, I expect him to claim how he’s been wronged for a duration of time even after the inauguration. That’s just who he is.

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Why would he when there’s shit like this out there?

There has got to better ways to count votes. There has go to be better ways to get votes. It is laughable there are so many different machines in so many different states.

Any Dem running for any office has got to be nervous that any election from now on can be fixed by machines. If you can do it to someone it can be done to you.

I am would expect measures to be put in place by 2024.

Interesting how the election was rigged in 2016 but no interference in 2020.

Omaha it gets better.

So now when you vote on a Dominion machine you’re vote has a 68% chance of being disputed by the system.

It then goes to an adjudication process where a person decides your intent… even if they can clearly read your intent is the opposite.

And then the system creates a new ballot with the new vote.

So now there’s not paper trail of the original because it’s spoiled.

And this is why the poll books as off as they are, are not reflecting how REALLY OFF EVERYTHING IS.

This is a complete joke and people need to hang.

It’s time for Trump to declare the Insurrection Act of 1807 and with it martial law.

People need to hang in the public square for this.