SMU? Really?

This ACC expansion is nuts… Geographically it’s crazy they added the two Cali schools…

But SMU??? I do not understand what SMU brings to the ACC. SMH

I think it’s a 9 year test run to see if they can change the program with NIL. Lot of money at SMU in a huge market.

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Rather have them than Cal that’s for sure.

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  1. Miami is likely gone before they have votes.
  2. If Miami doesn’t leave and 3-4 others do, the Acc has to have enough teams or the conference loses TV revenue. Furthermore, the teams that leave could help make up the revenue difference for those staying.

Got to bring Texas and Cali viewers to the table. I think SMU is a sleeping giant.

SMU has Lashlee going for them, and he seems able both as a recruiter and tactician. One thing SMU doesn’t lack is cash. A mania exists among the well-heeled in Dallas to live in the Park cities on postage stamp-sized lots where the home covers most of the lot square footage. I would hate living in Dallas. No waterfront, not much in the way of greenery, and I wouldn’t give a rats ass spending what it costs to be in the Park Cities. Geographically, these conferences are ridiculous. I think geography not monetary institutional rewards should govern conference formation.

What has our country come to when the highest paid public employees of most states are either coaches or players?

Oklahoma is a 90 per cent prediction to defeat SMU. It would be nice to see a Lashlee upset.

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