Got got by covid while running his yap about having to wear a mask

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Like I would give ONE SINGLE FUCK about getting covid. (I sorta didn’t last March while obviously following rules…And definitely didn’t by the time mid may was here)

Would I quarantine? Of course (I did in early December for 5 damn days while waiting a negative result when I caught a flu…Not because I was worried about me (it’s called Tylenol) but whether I should skip visiting my mom that week and also not go to play basketball that week)

Imagine living your life thinking avoiding covid is important at this point…Wake up you scared little sheep! Slaves to the media and it/your little progressive liberal agenda. Jumping lines to go get your little vaccine I’d imagine…Pathetic.

You are fine people…And have been for quite sometime. Live your life or stay home. No one should be stopping you from doing either.

More evidence of what a POS you are. You never fail to deliver.

That seemed to escalate quickly. Sounds like you have some personal issues

It has sounded like that for a long time now.

He just eluded to a poster dying of COVID as a funny thing.

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My mother could catch covid…And die from it

And my stance would stay the same.

Live your lives people. Stay home if you’re scared. No co-relation at all in the western world between levels/timing of mitigation and covid curves.