Six Major Schools Declined Invitations To The NIT

It’s a disgrace these teams declined invites to the NIT. What a slap in the face to the oldest tournament in college basketball, and to a lot of the players on these teams who want to play, and coaches who want to coach, and fans who want to watch their teams play.

I agree with Tom Crean and others. Play the game, and those players who don’t want to play, and the coaches who don’t want to coach can opt out. But to decline the invite because you think the NIT is somehow below you? Come on, man!

I don’t blame colleges at all for passing on the NIT tourney. What kind of distinction is being proclaimed “the best of the leftover teams?”

I guess by that logic, next time Miami is left out of the college football playoff, you will advocate them declining an invite to any other bowl game… because if it won’t ultimately lead to a championship, it isn’t worth playing, right?

Duly noted.

I concur

Fugg 'em

I agree because it speaks to an innate “love of the game” which is supposed to be a cornerstone of college athletics. Getting paid or not getting paid. In line to win a championship or not. If you love simply playing the game for its own sake here is an opportunity. Think of it as a summer pickup game if you like.