Since the other thread was locked...The point is 51

Is it shouldn’t be your call. You are a clown.

Apparently me closing topics still allows mods to post…I’ll have to fix that.

I’m talking with the mods. I’ll let you know and if it’s mutually agreeable we’ll move on.

I’m done on the topic and done with the C word…I will not be censored by 51 though. If it happens again I’m gone…No hard feelings, it’s just a message board.

Ok, so how about this. The Shelter is the Shelter. It will be the wild west of the board where things do and can get heated. We’ll leave things as they are with very few exceptions (mass spamming, n-word, etc). I also told the mods that if they are personally called names that they can edit, but ONLY if it’s directed at them and NOT if they are actively participating in the name calling. If say me and GSC are both calling each other cunts, I can’t go in, edit his but leave mine up. That’s hypocritical and won’t fly.

The rest of the board though we’ll try to remain somewhat civil. I’m not saying you can’t call someone an asshole or fuckhead in the football section, but let’s try to keep it minimal. Outside the Shelter, we’re all Canes fans.

That work for you? If it does and with your permission, do you mind if I delete the other two threads?

Don’t care…I don’t believe we need any rules, it’s just a message board.

Whatever is fine

Is this because I pointed out that 51 is Chester from Looney Tunes? He’s so sensitive.

Was that edited?