Since 1965

Democrats (25 yers in power)

  • 3 indictments
  • 1 conviction
  • 1 prison sentence

Republicans (28 years in power)

  • 126 indictments
  • 89 convictions
  • 34 prison sentences

Does that show a difference in morality of the individuals or a difference in bias of the state and whom they pursue to indict? Interesting question.

Not really interesting at all. Again, you’re the guy who thinks gravity is fake and nobody’s ever been to space.
Entertaining dumb ideas doesn’t make you eccentric or thoughtful, sometimes it just shows you’re dumb.

Well one party is super religious. When you can go and confess your sins it is easier to justify what you have done. Let’s look - Nixon was a crook. Trump is even a bigger crook. I think poppa bush was corrupt. Think his son was just stupid…Clinton liked :cat: - that was his greatest sin. Obama could not do anything corrupt because of him being black and the right tried so hard to bust him but could not do so. I do think Clinton wife will do anything to win. She was way more corrupt than Bill.

Come on GSC does not think that. He was probably joking.

Maybe. Ask him about heliocentric theory too. My understanding is he denies gravity, thinks the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun, and nobody’s been to space - NASA is fake.

of course, he never ever owns up to anything so he phrases it as…I’m not saying gravity is fake, but there are other competing ideas, etc.
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No, dude. There aren’t.

Nobody has been to space. So the space shuttles - where did they go. They went up and just disappeared. How does gps work. Are there no sattelites in the sky.

So let me get this straight. Gsc believes in an invisible man in the sky. One that is supposed to have come back to earth and it’s 2023 years later but we have not been to outer space. Unreal.

There is zero percent chance that anyone that is a democrat ever believes this way.

How did you miss the entire thread about how aperture works he was arguing? Dude, GSC is as batty as Storm. At least Storm owns up to his beliefs

Lol…This dude just blurts shit out. Take a break from typing shithead…You aren’t real bright.

Nobody has been to space. So the space shuttles - where did they go.

It’s called a QUESITON MARK you fucking moron…You haven’t used one on here in 5 years.

Quit slurping warden’s nuts…It’s a bad look.

There is zero percent chance that anyone that is a democrat ever believes this way.

“Least partisan guy on the board” ^^^

No…They just believe every person walking down the street is a racist…Children are genderless…And we were all going to die from covid.

I am not real bright. You are only behind storm as one of the dumbest pos to ever post on a message board. You must be a comedian because you actually make me laugh. If you are taller than 5’6, I would be shocked. Ok Napoleon.

I gotta tell you- one can’t have a conversation with Warden without him making it about the poster. It’s really pathetic to watch.

How about you respond to the substance?

What substance though?

He posted a list of objective facts. You asked a question without any attempt at analysis. Did you show that Dems controlled the courts more than Pubs? Did you discuss the severity of the crimes or the morality of the laws?

No. You didn’t really bring anything to the table except say “Maybe those facts aren’t the whole story.”

Fine. But IS there more to the story? Why don’t you tell us?

lol - ok 305.

There is an obvious imbalance with the number of indictments on one side (according to warden’s numbers…. I don’t know if it’s accurate because I haven’t verified it).

But if we take it as fact, one would ask themselves…. Does a party affiliation alone lead to criminality? We’re supposed to believe that it’s only republicans that are corrupt huh?

No, I think it’s absolutely clear that republicans are investigated, prosecuted, and indicted at higher numbers (emphasis on the first 2 which drives the 3rd number).

And even when democrats are investigated for similar or identical crimes to their republican counterparts we find an uneven justice system.

Podesta brothers vs Manaforte

These guys were literally partners in the same firm. Committed the exact same FARA violations.

One is indicted and then sent through a tax indictment circus.

The other 2 were given slaps on the wrist.

Look at the Menendez case (the initial one). Clearly guilty but exonerated in the end and allowed to finish his term.

Hillary Clinton excused by Comey after he admitted she broke the law lol.

Hunter Biden laptop suppressed by FBI (admittedly).

Congressman Swallwell proven to be compromised by a Chinese spy (honeypot) and nothing done about it.

Pelosi and her husband making millions off of insider trading and inside info and most likely money laundering in real estate, nothing.

Biden was just recently proven to have done the same “crime” as Trump re: classified info…. One gets raked over the coals the other gets excused and called an old man losing his memory.

Governor Cuomo accused of sexually harassing countless women but no case brought, just allowed to resign and move on.

Governor Bill Richardson pay to play- prosecution doesn’t move forward

These are all coincidences right? All these people are regular Latter Day Saints?

I’m not saying that republicans are innocent. Clearly many of them are committing crimes and they should be punished. I just don’t think the same scrutiny is put on establishment Dems as republicans.