Does he still post here? Anywhere? I know this season is not what anyone hoped for or expected? When I first started following message boards his was one I gravitated towards because of intelligent and rationale discussion. Just curious what he is thinking given how season has played out? Has he given up on the program?? Couldn’t blame him after the past 10-15years I guess.

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He’s posted here a couple of times……but he’s largely been absent. I do miss his insight.

If any of you still have moderation rights to the old board, you might want to visit and clean out idiotic Broward’s thread titles. Words that can’t be posted here even though they are just words.

I’ll take care of it

At one point I thought he “owned” the board. I am guessing no longer the case since you would think his post help drive traffic??

Yes, like any rationale person would.

I was 30m away from Clemson Saturday night and didn’t even know the canes were playing until i started eating dinner at the restaurant and looked up and saw they were playing.

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Lol…who cares? Yet he still posts here and inflicts himself upon us.

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Would love to hear his thoughts on state of program currently. Don’t think he has even posted since Cristobal came on.

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Saw he popped up on Twitter recently. Wish he still posted on the boards

What’s his Twitter username?


Does he have a new board (Ring of Honor)? Or is that from the old board?

I think it’s from the old board.

His recent posts on Twitter have a some spiciness to them…lol